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17 Everyday Objects That Look Like They Have Faces

Pareidolia is real.

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1. This poor sink has a runny nose.

nuclearruby / Via

2. This building just can't believe it!

Wout / Flickr Creative Commons / Via Flickr: eworm

3. This purse is really happy to see you.

YhCHKN / Via

4. This water buffalo works in the dentist's office.

5. These WALL-E binoculars look worried.

El_SpankBank / Via

6. This mop is FURIOUS.

discover_the_truth / Via

7. This car is absolutely shocked.

8. This pepper thinks you're really frickin' funny.

PagingDrK / Via

9. This Xenomorph wants to help you gather your documents.

BustyChicken / Via

10. This chair is excited to learn.

11. This happy dude is glad to be part of a scooter.

12. This joyful guy lives in an emergency ladder.

saulalejandrogv / Via

13. This dude can't keep his tongue in his mouth.

clairebaer / Via

14. He's REALLY excited to have some spinach dip.

akaZeke / Via

15. This bag is not happy to be on the baggage carousel.

chipsicecream / Via

16. These pillars didn't think you'd be home so early.

nsc410 / Via

17. And this trash can is DEFINITELY Donald Trump.

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