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How Well Do You Speak Canadian?

Do you know a dart from a deke?

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  1. Flickr: @JeffMForShort / Via Creative Commons
    The bay
    Via; by way of
    Man; boy; buddy
  2. Flickr: Pete / Via Creative Commons
    Low-level workers
    Cowboy boots
  3. Flickr: Kenny Louie / Via Creative Commons
  4. Flick: JamesZ_Flickr / Via Creative Commons
  5. Flickr: Christine Wagner / Via Creative Commons
    Thoroughly and deeply
    A type of hair gel
    A convenience store
  6. Flickr: City of Toronto / Via Creative Commons
    Dude; buddy
    A flask-sized bottle of alcohol
    A well-liked member of the community
  7. Flickr: AJ Batac / Via Creative Commons
    An out-of-control situation
    An ugly person
    A type of sandwich similar to the Hoagie
  8. Flickr: Mark Watmough / Via Creative Commons
    The act of ordering two beers at a time, twice in a row
    A Tim Hortons coffee with two creams and two sugars
    A hockey term referring to two consecutive goals made in a single period
  9. Flickr: Deb MacFadden / Via Creative Commons
    An embrace that involves burying your face in the other person's neck
    A fur-lined winter hat
    A hooded pullover sweatshirt
  10. Flickr: Barney Moss / Via Creative Commons
    A cigarette
    An old vehicle
    A quick meal
  11. Flickr: Edwin van Burringen / Via Creative Commons
    Non-dairy coffee creamer
    Whitening toothpaste
    A base layer of paint
  12. Flickr: Moosealope / Via Creative Commons
    To pull up
  13. Flickr: Matt MacGillivray / Via Creative Commons
    Where are you?
    What are you doing?
    How are you feeling?
  14. Flickr: Ian Mackenzie / Via Creative Commons
    Having a good time with friends
    Looking for a fight
    Smoking a cigarette
  15. Flickr: Mike Beauregard / Via Creative Commons
    To fake out OR to take a detour
    To sprint OR to go directly towards
    To lift up OR to grab onto
  16. Flickr: Steve Sutherland / Via Creative Commons
    Supporting one's significant other
    Getting angry at someone
    Performing well at something
  17. Flickr: e_chaya / Via Creative Commons
    A police officer
    An overbearing romantic interest
    An enthusiastic brown-noser
  18. Flickr: Tony Webster / Via Creative Commons
    Athletic shoes
    Ongoing jokes
    Long underwear
  19. Flickr: Michael Gil / Via Creative Commons
    A person who spends a lot of time at the hockey rink
    A derogatory term for a woman who sleeps with hockey players
    A goalie who lets in an easy goal
  20. Flickr: ankakay / Via Creative Commons
    A case of beer with 8 cans
    A case of beer with 12 cans
    A case of beer with 24 cans

How Well Do You Speak Canadian?

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