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26 Times Canadian Tire Didn't Even Try To Succeed

Are they even trying?

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1. When their workplace safety left something to be desired:

2. When they didn't quite categorize their merchandise properly:

Darby Conway / Via Twitter: @DarbyConway

3. When they wanted you to do WHAT?

greenherbs / Via

4. When they ruined Christmas:

D. Cart / Via Twitter: @DaxMc

5. When their sale during the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs broke Toronto's heart all over again:

6. When they should have avoided gift-giving advice:

7. When they were just a little bit wasteful:

8. When they offered free wifi... But only in the elevator:

9. When Mickey Mouse terrorized a poor snowman:

10. When this blender went on "sale":

11. And so did this dartboard:

Rayan Dkhil / Via Twitter: @RayanDkhilFLY

12. When buying items separately really helped out your budget:

Edward Kiledjian / Via Twitter: @ekiledjian

13. And when they forgot that pennies aren't even in circulation anymore:

Maureen Campbell / Via Twitter: @maureencampbell

14. When the word "save" seemed to suddenly have a completely different meaning:

Christy Sinclair / Via Twitter: @ULUcom

15. No, really, should we send Canadian Tire a dictionary?

16. When they desperately needed a geography lesson:

Michael Hollett / Via Twitter: @m_hollett

17. When they forgot where Ontario ends and Quebec begins:

Jeff James / Via Twitter: @m_hollett

18. When they cared about customer service:

Thomas A. Knight / Via Twitter: @thomasaknight

19. When they made it very easy to afford "blubs":

Darryl Law / Via Twitter: @darryllaw

20. When they wanted you to buy a pillow for Stan's dad:

21. When their reading comprehension needed some work:

22. When yeah, they DEFINITELY need a dictionary:

Mathieu de Leseleuc / Via Twitter: @mat_dele

23. Come on, guys, are you even trying?

Steve Smith / Via Twitter: @SteveSmithh19

24. When... *sigh*

25. When they were forced to put up this sign:

Matt Vardy / Via Twitter: @mattvardy

26. And finally, when they were staffed entirely by celebrities:

...OK, this one failed so hard it actually won.

...OK, this one failed so hard it actually won.