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    Here Are The Best Amazon Canada Cyber Monday Deals Under $50

    Get them while they're hot!

    Still need a last minute gift? Or just want to treat yourself? We scoured the internet for some of the best Cyber Monday deals in Canada so you don't have to. Just grab your credit card, sit back, and enjoy the sweet, sweet deals.

    1. 47% off this Keurig coffee maker that'll brew the perfect cuppa joe for your morning or afternoon fix.

    keurig on a table with a yellow mug full of coffee

    2. 41% off this Neutrogena facial gel that's packed with hyaluronic acid and will give your skin a healthy dose of hydration. You know that feeling when you drink a glass of water first thing in the morning? This gel is like that, but for your face.

    3. 33% off this wireless charger that'll prop your phone up at the same time. It works with most wirelessly charged phones and even through a phone case for maximum convenience.

    person reading book in background while phone charges on stand

    4. 22% off this Oral B electric toothbrush that'll leave your teeth feeling squeaky clean. The round head rotates around each tooth, removing up to 300% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

    5. 25% off this foot file that'll give you the softest feet you've ever had. The coarse buffer head will scrape away dead skin, so you can get a perfect pedi every time.

    6. 44% off a jar of Aveeno night cream that'll transform your skin while you snooze. It's made with Vitamin E and blackberry complex, to improve skin's moisture and firmness overnight.

    jar of product with lid open showing cream inside

    7. 35% off a shredder that'll help you get rid of unwanted documents safely. You won't need to take out staples and it can also shred CDs and old credit cards.

    shredder shredding a card

    8. 42% off an Amazon Fire TV Stick that'll bring all of your favourite streaming apps in one place. Not only is it Alexa enabled, but it can also control your TV power and volume (which is great if you lost the remote it came with, like me).

    Amazon Fire TV stick on table

    9. 32% off a box of Crest Whitestrips to keep your pearly whites nice and bright. They'll remove years worth of coffee and tea stains in just a few treatments.

    10. 50% off a handheld clothing steamer that'll de-wrinkle even the most stubborn shirts. The 3-in-1 head features silicone to pull fabric taut, a brush to get rid of lint, and a creaser to get a perfect fold.

    Handheld steamer releasing steam

    11. 17% off this seat cover that'll protect your car from the dirt that your furry friends bring in with them. It's also 100% waterproof so it'll even be safe from spills.

    car protectors on backseat

    12. 40% off this waterproof speaker, if you love playing music everywhere you go. It's about the size of your palm and will give you up to five hours of non-stop tunes through Bluetooth.

    Square-shaped speaker with JBL on it

    13. Up to 15% off select AmazonBasics wireless products. Now's the the time to stock up on some extra chargers and accessories!

    14. 20% off this smart camera that'll help you keep an eye on your pets or little ones straight from your phone. It has motion detection and two-way audio, so you can talk to them even when you're not there.

    Camera with iPhone app

    15. 50% off this Logitech wireless mouse that'll save your wrist from the awkward angle of using your trackpad, and give you one less wire to worry about.

    Wireless mouse

    16. 30% off the Revlon hair dryer brush that'll give you the perfect blowout with just one tool. It can be used on wet or dry hair, and is great for reducing frizz.

    17. 15% off a Belgian waffle maker that'll make the best crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside treats. The indicator will tell you when it's ready, so you have a perfectly cooked waffle every time.

    waffle in waffle maker

    18. 25% off this heavy-duty umbrella that'll actually stay in one piece on a stormy day. It's has vent flaps so the wind won't flip it inside out and it pops open with just a click.

    woman holding umbrella in the rain

    19. 30% off Chrissy Teigen's cookbook that'll make a great gift or addition to your own arsenal of recipes. She has dishes ranging from fried chicken to Thai classics, so you're sure to find your new favourite meal.

    Chrissy Teigen on the cover of her cookbook

    20. 25% off this selfie stick that doubles as a tripod. It comes with a Bluetooth remote so you can take the perfect hands free portrait.

    selfie stick as a tripod and with Bluetooth remote

    21. 20% off a Tile Slim tracker that'll ensure you never lose your wallet again. It works the other way too, and can help you find your phone by pinging it — even when it's on silent.

    man putting tile in his wallet

    22. $30 off this Echo Dot that'll be like having your own personal assistant. You can play music, ask the weather, set a timer, and so much more.

    Echo dot on table

    23. 26% off this Nintendo Switch controller and joy-con charging dock. Say goodbye to the days of ending your game early due to low battery!

    24. 41% off this FM transmitter for anyone who has an older car model that doesn't have any Bluetooth or USB ports. You can even download music directly onto it!

    FM transmitter in car with phone

    You after seeing all these deals:

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