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    Here Are All The Best Under-$25 Cyber Monday Deals In Canada

    We love a good deal in Canada.

    Happy Cyber Monday, friends! It's that time of the year when 🇨🇦Canadian retailers🇨🇦 have tons of great sales on thousands of items — and we've rounded up the best deals and steals under $25!

    1. 30% off of the classic game of Jenga.

    A family plays a game of Jenga

    2. 44% off of Chrissy Teigen's Cravings: Hungry for More cookbook.

    Chrissy Teigen sitting and eating a bowl of noodles on the front of her cookbook

    3. 37% off of a vitamin C serum made with organic ingredients that'll make your skin feel refreshed and hydrated.

    A bottle of the serum

    4. 27% off of a selection of Lindt chocolates, because everyone loves a little treat now and then! It comes with an assortment of goodies that mimic all of the best desserts, like crème brûlée, tiramisu, and millefeuille.

    A selection of chocolate truffles

    5. 18% off of this exercise roller wheel.

    A person uses an exercise roller

    6. 26% off a pair of pet grooming gloves that'll feel like a massive treat for your furry friend while you get rid of all that excess hair clinging to their coat.

    Gloves filled with pet hair

    7. 38% off of a duo of mini Fenty matte lipsticks in a pretty dusty rose and an intense burgundy. They glide easily onto the lips and have an intense pigment that'll last you all day.

    Two mini lipsticks in dusty rose and burgundy

    8. 17% off of a milk frother that'll whip up delicious foam for your beverages in 15-30 seconds. Why spend money at your local cafe on a pricey latte when you can make it at home for way less?

    A person pours foam into a beverage

    9. 8% off of this matress topper that has over 28,000 five-star reviews. It'll keep your mattress free of any stains and spills, and the soft quilt will make you feel all kinds of cozy while you sleep.

    A matress topper on a matress

    10. 79% off of a checked one-piece swimsuit with a belted waist that'll turn you into the ultimate bathing beauty.

    11. 50% off of hydrating and plumping Marc Jacobs lipsticks that are super pigmented and will stay on your pout for an impressive ten hours.

    A tube of pink lipstick

    12. 50% off of medium coverage Too Faced matte foundations that'll give you flawless looking skin, without a heavy feel.

    13. 30% off of a lightweight hairdryer that won't tire your arm out while styling your 'do.

    A person blowdries their hair

    14. 51% off of a gel nail polish, because a good mani can make you feel ready to slay dragons.

    Three hands holding nail polish bottles with their nails painted

    15. 30% off an Alexa Echo Dot smart speaker that'll stream all of your music and answer your most burning questions with voice-activated technology.

    A smart speaker beside a bookshelf

    16. 30% off of an eye shadow palette with a mix of nudes and shimmers that'll give you a dramatic look. It also comes with eyeliner and false lashes, so you'll have everything you need to get all dolled up.

    An eyeshadow palette with eyeliner and false eyelashes

    17. 15% off of a set of six sheet masks that'll give your stressed-out skin some intense hydration.

    18. 20% off of a LifeStraw that'll filter yucky stuff out of water when you're camping and hiking.

    A person holds a life straw in front of an outdoor water setting

    19. 17% off of a leave-in meat thermometer that'll help you ensure that your roasts are never overdone and your chicken is never underdone (shudder).

    A thermometer in a roast

    20. 63% off of a creamy metallic eyeshadow from Pat McGrath that'll give your eyes a pretty pop of colour for your next Google hangout sesh.

    A person wears a sparkly dusty orange eyeshadow

    21. 30% off of a trio of warm knit socks that'll keep your tootsies warm while you're running errands in the snow or curled up at home.

    A trio of socks

    22. 26% off of a set of four travel-sized Mario Badescu facial sprays. They'll soothe your stressed-out skin and the delicious scents will make you feel like you're in a fancy spa.

    A set of four facial mists

    23. 30% off a fun feline duvet cover that's make the purrfect addition to a kitty lovers bedroom.

    A duvet set with illustrated tiger faces on it

    24. 20% off of a nail strengthening topcoat that'll prevent your nails from breaking as frequently and also encourage them to grow more quickly.

    A hand holds a bottle of topcoat

    25. 34% off of a moisturizer that'll give your skin an instant refreshing boost.

    A bottle of the product beside a boxed bottle of the product

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