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    18 Things You Learn When You Date Someone From Saskatchewan

    Their idea of a romantic date is going out for rink burgers.

    1. They're shocked that you can visit an IKEA more than once a year, and that it doesn't require an eight-hour drive.

    2. Meanwhile, you were shocked to find out they actually went downhill skiing in Saskatchewan.

    3. Their idea of a romantic date is going out for rink burgers.

    4. And their idea of a romantic getaway almost always involves camping.

    5. But when you suggest some outdoor sexytime, they remind you about the terrifying fifth season: Tick season.

    6. If you first met them in Saskatchewan, it was probably at the campsites at Craven.

    7. Their pet name for you (and everyone else) is "bud."

    8. Every time you catch them crying during a movie, they claim it's just "really dusty air."

    9. You learned that if jewelry from Hillberg & Berk was involved, things were getting serious.

    10. You catch yourself saying "gitch" or "gotch" instead of "underwear."

    Canadian sexting: arguing about whether it's gotch or gitch that you don't got on.

    "Did your family call them gitch or gotch?" "My family called them underwear." "No offense you to, I love you, but you had a bad childhood."

    11. When you met their family, it was probably in a town named after a body part.

    12. And you bonded with their family over how the grids need some work.

    13. You've never seen them as happy as they were when they found out that Deadpool is from Regina.

    14. And you're pretty sure they're more invested in Tatiana Maslany's success than even Tatiana Maslany is.

    15. You know all the words to "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" because it's played at every Saskatchewan wedding you go to.

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    16. They insist that going for a drink doesn't always mean drinking Pilsner — Great Western is just as good.

    17. And when you're out for a rip, their idea of a mixed drink is a beer and clam.

    18. And lastly, if you're ever chilly, they'll happily lend you their Roughriders bunnyhug.