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From Super Bowl LVII Parties With Celebs To Watching The Big Game Live, Here's Everything I Experienced During The NFL's Biggest Weekend

The stars were out for Super Bowl LVII!

Super Bowl LVII is all wrapped up, and the star-studded weekend was one for the books!

Karlton takes a picture at the Super Bowl

I was on the ground in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale, Arizona, where everyone who was anyone made an appearance over the weekend. Of course, going to the game and seeing Rihanna live were the highlights of all highlights — but the entire weekend was like a dream.

The stadium decked out for the Super Bowl

These were my top 13 favorite moments during Super Bowl LVII weekend, in no specific order:

1. Running into Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Carter, and Lil Uzi Vert while they were walking into the locker rooms

Lil Uzi Vert and Jay Z entering #SuperBowlLVII

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

I was just minding my business, walking on the sidelines before the game and I heard someone say "Yo, Jay-Z is walking up." Most of the time, when you hear something like that (especially living in LA), you expect all cap. I turned around expecting to be disappointed, but instead there he was. Jay-Z, along with his daughter Blue Ivy Carter and rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter

2. Getting to ask Patrick Mahomes a question that made its rounds on national television

I just asked #PatrickMahomes what morals and goals his father instilled in him to get him to this level, and what he'll pass down to his kids. Here's his answer! #SuperBowlLVII    #ChiefsKingdom    #BlackFathers #Chiefs

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

This has to be the peak moment for me of the whole weekend. On the Monday following the Super Bowl, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the championship press conference. During the conference, which was swamped with media from all over the nation, I was one of those chosen few reporters granted a chance to ask Patrick Mahomes a question. Since Black fatherhood has been my favorite storyline during this year's Super Bowl coverage, that's exactly how I framed my question.

Speaking with Mahomes, I asked, "One of my favorite storylines through the whole Super Bowl here has been the two Black quarterbacks, and then two Black fathers. So, can you talk about the principles and morals your father instilled in you to help you get to this stage? And also, what morals and principles you'd like to pass on to your kids?"

Here I am asking #PatrickMahomes about fatherhood and championships after #SuperBowl . Celebrating #BlackFathers was my favorite storyline through this run, and I wanted to know what morals and principles #MahomesSr instilled in him.

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

Mahomes responded, saying, "I think the biggest thing my dad instilled in me was first, to follow your dreams. He said 'No matter what, how it looks, follow your dream and work your tail off and have no regrets on how you work to get to that dream.' And second, 'Just be a great man.' Those two things, he always talked to me about was, 'How can you follow your dream to get to achieve that dream?' and 'How can you be a great man while you do it?' So that was something that was instilled in me at a young age by my dad, and it's something I want to instill in my daughter and my son: 'How can ya'll be great people that make this Earth a better place whenever ya'll leave it?'"

Patrick Mahomes speaks at a press conference

3. Walking around on the field after the Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid smile on the field after their Super Bowl win

There's definitely something magical about walking on a confetti-covered Super Bowl field after the game.

Walking down the field following #PatrickMahomes was a wild moment for me NGL #SuperBowl

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

Watching players and their families hug and cry, seeing interviews being conducted by some of my favorite sportscasters, and just soaking in the energy — it was like a drug. I can't even imagine what it feels like for the players.

I can't imagine what the players felt like cause I'm just a measly journalist and being on the field during this moment felt like a drug to me.

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

I took some of my favorite pictures during the roughly 45 minutes I walked around the field.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the post-game field celebrations. Momma and Poppa Kelce are the best!


4. Seeing Rihanna perform live

Watching this live and hearing #Rihanna belt out her classics was LEGENDARY DAWG #AppleMusicHalftime #SuperBowlLVII

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

DUH. Do I even need to explain why this was epic?

I caught a video of #Rihanna    getting her protective strap/harness situated before the performance. It's scary to think all she had was the one strap to keep her from falling! #AppleMusicHalftime    #SuperBowlLVII

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

I do?

Well, here's my full breakdown of what it was like to see RiRi dominate the Apple Music Halftime Show.

Rihanna performs during the Halftime show

5. Watching Sheryl Lee Ralph absolutely tear the house down singing "Lift Every Voice and Sing"

Sheryl Lee Ralph sings the national anthem

Chris Stapleton did his thing singing the National Anthem, it really was a beautiful rendition. However, Sheryl Lee Ralph's performance of "Lift Every Voice and Sing" shattered my soul in the best way. She looked stunning in a red outfit that was both respectful and loud in all the right ways.

6. Meeting Robin Thicke and asking him about his favorite halftime shows of all time

Here's #RobinThicke naming his top 5 favorite #HalftimeShow performances all time (this was BEFORE #Rihanna hit the stage).

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

I was invited to Rolling Stone Live's Super Bowl LVII Weekend party on Friday, and I had the opportunity to work the red carpet before heading inside for the fun. Robin Thicke sauntered his way down the red carpet for the event, and I stole a chance to ask him about his favorite halftime show performances of all time.

7. I asked G-Eazy the same question and only got one answer:

Here's #GEazy saying that #Beyoncé ranks as the best #HalftimeShow ever.

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

G-Eazy also walked the red carpet for Rolling Stone Live's Super Bowl LVII Weekend party, but he didn't have time for a top three list. Only one name mattered to him: "Beyoncé."

8. Watching Travis Scott perform

Here's #TravisScott doing his thing at the Rolling Stone Live #SuperBowlLVII party!

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

Travis Scott graced the stage for the Rolling Stone Live party and delivered an intimate, energetic, and passionate performance. La Flame's autotuned mic was mixed 100x better than any other artist I've seen use the harmonic plug-in live. IT'S LIT!

"Antidote" had the crowd turning up!

Here's @trvisXX absolutely murking "Antidote" at the Rolling Stone Live #SuperBowlLVII    party.

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

9. Seeing Major Lazer at Lowe's Super Bowl Experience at Hance Park

Hance Park's free #SuperBowl Experience was 🔥 and @MAJORLAZER had me HYPE.

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

Shoutout to Lowe's for having free live music and events for the city of Phoenix during the entire weekend. It gave a chance for people of all socio-economic backgrounds a chance to play games, win prizes, and check out performances that would typically cost a pretty penny. Major Lazer shut down the park on Saturday evening with a set that had me and my fiancé dancing all night.

10. Meeting Questlove

Questlove smiles and throws up the peace sign

11. Meeting the owners of the New York Jets

Karlton Jahmal with Woody and Chris Johnson

12. Asking DJ Whoo Kid about his favorite mixtapes from his discography

I asked @DJWhooKid what his personal top 5 favorite projects he worked on were, and of course @50cent is the Future was the first tape he said. #SuperBowl

Twitter: @KarltonJahmal

Now I'm showing my age a little. DJ Whoo Kid is a legend, and he created some of the most iconic mixtapes of all time. I caught up with him at Rolling Stone Live's Super Bowl party and asked him to name his personal favorite tapes he's worked on. Mythical.

13. Lastly, getting up close with Jalen Hurts and the Eagles before the big game

Miles Sanders and Jalen Hurts

Being on the field before the game meant that I got to get up close to Jalen Hurts, Jason Kelce, AJ Brown, Miles Sanders, and a ton of other Eagles players. I have a love for photography, so being able to catch these guys warming up and sharing words of encouragement before the Super Bowl was an experience I'll never forget.

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl this year? How about the halftime show? Let me know in the comment section below!