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    Here's What You Need To Know About The New Characters Introduced In "Loki" So Far

    The MCU is about to meet a few more Lokis.

    Much like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki is set to bring a slew of new faces into the MCU. Many of these characters will set up storylines that will interweave between films and TV.

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    Loki himself has been in the MCU since Phase 1, and he served as the Big Bad in the first Avengers film. His journey since then has been a fan favorite, but it's time for a change. Kevin Feige understands the importance of passing down legacy when it comes to heroes and villains in the MCU. Could Tom Hiddleston's time as Loki be coming to an end, and could Sylvie be taking his place?

    For those who are familiar with the comics, this rush of new characters might not be too intimidating. However, the MCU has introduced more heroes and villains in the last six months than they ever have in a similar time frame.

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    I understand that can be disorientating, but no worries — with all these new characters being introduced, I thought you may need a guide. Here's a list of all the new characters introduced in Loki so far. 

    1. Owen Wilson is Mobius

    Owen Wilson as Mobius

    Owen Wilson's Mobius comes straight from the comics. Of course, the MCU took some liberties with his character. However, he's pretty much still working the same career. In the comics, Mobius works in the management sector of the Time Variance Authority.

    He has been involved in key Fantastic Four and She-Hulk stories, so we can expect Owen Wilson to return outside of this show. 

    2. Sophia Di Martino is Sylvie

    Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie

    Sylvie is being styled as the female version of Loki. This makes sense since her last name is the feminine version of Loki's in some Scandinavian cultures. Loki's last name is Laufeyson, while hers is Laufeydottir. It seems like her backstory takes hints from two comic characters: Enchantress and Lady Loki. The second Enchantress shares the same name as Sylvie; however, the last name thing clearly makes her a Loki variant. It appears the TVA has been hunting her since she was a child, and Ravonna herself is responsible for letting Sylvie slip through the TVA's fingers.

    I expect the MCU to take a few paths when it comes to Loki, but Sylvie appears to be a long-term player in the MCU. Since Feige and company are meshing two characters and kind of creating a new backstory for this character, anything is possible when it comes to her future.

    3. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is Ravonna Renslayer


    Ravonna Renslayer is a very important connection to Kang the Conquerer, who is expected to be the next "Thanos-level" villain in the MCU. In the comics, Ravonna is a princess born in the 40th century in an alternate dimension of Earth. She is a fierce warrior, which attracts the attention of Nathaniel Richards, aka Kang. Kang tries to wife her up, but she isn't interested at first.

    After spitting some game super-villain style, Kang wins over Ravonna. Once they are in love, Kang and Ravonna have a complicated relationship filled with betrayal, death, and time-traveling. It appears the show will play on Ravonna's love for Kang, and she seems to be set on some type of mission that Miss Minutes gave her from Prime Kang himself. 

    4. Jonathan Majors is He Who Remains/Kang


    Although he isn't mentioned by name in the episode... we have finally arrived ladies and gentlemen. After some misdirection and teasing, Loki finally introduced us to the next big bad in the MCU: Kang. In the series, his history is similar to that of the comics although the MCU does take some liberties with the lore. Since he calls himself the first variant in the season finale, we can call him Prime Kang (or He Who Remains)

    When Loki and Sylvie meet He Who Remains, he explains to them that he's one of many of his own variants. Somehow, in the future, each Kang variant discovers the multi-verse. They reach out to each other, and start to collaborate. Unfortunately, some of them would prefer to conqueror the multi-verses. After some time, a war starts between all the Kangs and causes a massive multiverse issue. Prime Kang then discovers and uses Alioth to destroy the other timelines and their Kangs, and isolates the sacred timeline. 

    Sylvie ends up killing Prime Kang, who was the lesser of the evils (but still evil). Although he created the TVA to stop branches of time, which ended up killing millions by pruning them, he was trying to stop his variants from destroying time itself. This guy is just a problem at all levels. 

    Kang's variants, specifically Kang the Conquerer, will be a catalyst behind everything leading up to the next massive Avengers film. We see a statue of Kang the Conquerer when Loki makes is way back to the TVA.

    5. Wunmi Mosaku is Hunter B-15


    Hunter B-15 is a brand-new character made for the show. She is a high-ranking TVA officer with lots of fire and passion for her job. I just love her. She has little love for Loki at first. Hunter B-15 comes off as a hardass, but when Sylvie rekindles her memories during her enchantment spell, the TVA officer switches sides. However, we'll see how the MCU uses Hunter-B-15 from here forward. 

    6. Sasha Lane is Hunter C-20


    Hunter C-20 is another dope TVA member, although she isn't as high ranking as Mobius or Hunter B-15. She also doesn't get much screentime, but her little role is very important. The first time we get a hint about the dark deeds of the TVA is when Hunter C-20 awakens from Sylvie's enchantment.

    7. Tara Strong is Miss Minutes

    a cartoon clock with eyes, arms, and legs

    I'm not sure if there's a comic original for Miss Minutes. If there is, I have never heard of her. Miss Minutes serves as the artificially intelligent animated mascot of the Time Variance Authority and Prime Kang's assistant. There's definitely more to her story than meets the eye. 

    8. The Time Keepers


    The curtain has been drawn back, and we now know the Time Keepers are not even at the TVA. The trio of mystical beings were fabled to have constructed the Sacred Timelines to stop the multiverse from plummeting into chaos. In the comics, the Time Keepers work with Kang (as Immortus), but it looks like they're all just myth in the MCU.

    9. Richard E. Grant is Classic Loki


    Classic Loki is simply the Loki that got away. In his time stream, Classic Loki survived his encounter with Thanos, snuck away, and hid for a while on an abandoned planet.  He was pruned when he decided to end his self-exile to see his family once again. In a dramatic twist, Classic Loki ends up sacrificing his life to save Loki and Sylvie. 

    10. Deobia Oparei is Boastful Loki


    Why does this Loki variant have a hammer, like Thor? Boastful Loki made a short, mid-credit scene arrival. There is no solid comic background for a Black Loki, especially one that has a mystical hammer. But his pride and hammer makes him a fun twist on Thor and Loki combined. 

    11. Jack Veal is Kid Loki


    Would you look at that? Yet another Young Avenger has been introduced in an MCU show. Kid Loki comes straight from the comics, and he is a more heroic version of the God of Mischief. If all goes as I assume, Kid Loki will be joining Patriot, Wiccan, Speed, Hawkeye, and the other Young Avengers that are popping up in Phase 4.

    12. Alligator Loki

    a crocodile with a loki hat on its head

    I'm as lost as you guys. Alligator Loki? It appears so. Maybe they'll give him a voice and personality with some CGI. Or possibly, he's just a plain ol' alligator. The people over at Marvel Studios are definitely just having fun at this point. 

    13. Eugene Cordero is Casey


    Casey is just a clueless desk guy at the TVA, although he may be the most powerful man in the universe. Casey has a collection of Infinity Stones, all of which are powerless at the TVA. However, if he ever goes into the realities of the multiverse, oh man, he's in for a treat! Casey was just used as comic relief early in the show, but I'm sure we'll see his dumbfounded face yet again.

    14. Alioth


    The big purple gaseous monster that made its appearance in "Journey Into Mystery" has deep ties to Kang in the comics. Entitled Alioth, the gigantic entity is somewhat of a time warden. His dominion reigns from the dawn of time until Kang's dominion begins (around 2000 BC).  He is an enemy of Kang, and Ravonna makes Alioth an enemy of hers too. 

    In the series, Alioth was constructed from the rips and tears in time created by all the Kang variants. Prime Kang uses Alioth to destroy the others and create the sacred timeline. 

    15. President Loki & The Variants


    Now that's a lot of Lokis. I wanted a hundred Loki fight, and I guess this will do. President Loki is actually a satire comic where the mischievous Asgardian runs for office based on a platform of all lies. In the MCU series, he somehow won the leadership of a band of rebel Loki variants, but they all betray each other in the end. It's in their nature. The best part about this scene is seeing Loki cringe while watching his variants betray and fight each other.