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    "Loki" Is Completely Rewriting The Marvel Cinematic Universe — Here's Where It Can Go From Here

    We thought WandaVision would be the show to break the multiverse, but it looks like Loki will be the culprit.

    Loki is turning out to be the biggest TV show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far.

    Loki and Mobius

    The first two episodes of Loki spent a great deal of time using conversational exposition to explain time travel, the TVA, the multiverse, and variants.

    First, let's talk about Loki's growth.

    Then, there's Lady Loki.

    Lady Loki or Enchantress?

    Will the MCU follow Scandinavian culture?

    paperwork that says "Sylvie Laufeydottir"

    And what about other variants?

    loki with a political pin

    Let's also not forget about Kang.

    A Kang statue gets a long shot in the second episode of "Loki"

    Speaking of nexus events...

    still from WandaVision

    Plus, the destinations of the bombings that Lady Loki set off are truly telling...

    a screen tracking a the multiverse timelines

    What does this all mean for the future of the MCU though?