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    10 Up-And-Coming Comedians That You Should Know Before They Blow Up

    Get ready to laugh 'til you cry.

    The world is in chaos. The pandemic is still impacting millions around the globe. Crime is on the rise. Governments are looking as incompetent as ever. Kanye may never drop that album. This is the prime environment for the astute comedian.

    Me getting my hopes up for Kanye to drop #DONDA tonight for 123455335th time:

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    Turning pain into laughter is an art form that is underappreciated. My guilty pleasure during the pandemic has been bingeing comedic entertainment. From Netflix stand-ups to TikTok clips, I've overindulged in comedy. The different political, social, economic, and religious views, seen through the lens of a comedian, have been my saving grace.

    From the big guys to the smaller comedians, I love it all. A few weeks ago, I went to see Dave Chappelle in Vegas, but I also enjoy checking out the guys on Instagram making short-form content.

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    Now I'm no comedic expert, and there are certainly way too many talented artists out there for me to know most of them. However, I'm beyond confident in my skill of pointing audiences in the right direction if they're looking for hilarious content. This generation of comedians can be crafty, unique, clever, and insightful. There really are a lot of memorable comics shaking up the scene and climbing the ranks. 

    So if you're looking for some new comedic content to enjoy, you've come to the right place.

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    You may have heard of some of these artists before, but I'm sure you haven't heard of them all. There may be some comedians that have hosted their first Netflix special on here, while others are just starting to tear up the social media scene. Here are the top 10 up-and-coming comedians that should be on your radar right now!

    1. Janine Harouni

    Janine Harouni went viral with her "Asking for It" clip, which turns the very outdated rape culture excuse into a funny take about women dressing for whatever they want. Her debut show Stand Up With Janine Harouni (Please Remain Seated) won both the BBC New Comedy Award and Amused Moose Comedy Award in 2019. Her ascension will only continue.

    2. Jarri Wright

    3. Jordan Firstman

    4. Mark Normand

    5. Elsa Majimbo

    6. Quinta Brunson

    7. Chloe Fineman

    8. Nabil Abdulrashid

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    Nabil Abdulrashid nabbed fourth place on Britain's Got Talent last year, but he should've gone farther. Of course, his appearance on the show helped catapult his fame a bit. The talented English Nigerian comedian is the youngest Black stand-up comedian to perform at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. It won't be long before Abdulrashid pops off in America as well.

    9. Joyelle Nicole Johnson

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    Joyelle Nicole Johnson has the poise and delivery of a veteran. She takes topics like racism and women's rights and tackles them with some on-point comedic takes. It almost feels like Mo'Nique, Wanda Sykes, and D. L. Hughley all rolled up into one. Her confidence and powerful points have helped her rise quickly in the genre.

    10. Taylor Tomlinson

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    Taylor Tomlinson may have a Netflix stand-up special, but she's still an up-and-comer in the genre. Taylor makes raunchy female humor fun, and her personal stories help her stand out in a genre that sometimes feels unoriginal. Her jokes about dating, sex, and aging will have you rolling with laughter, guaranteed. 

    Is there a comedian who you think deserves to be on this list? Let us know!