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    Recap: Episode 7 Of "Single's Inferno" Is Full Of Suspense

    Things are starting to get serious.

    Welcome back to the Inferno. We're close to the end!

    We left off with Se-hoon's choosing Ji-yeon to accompany him to Paradise. Jun-sik still has to choose, and Hyun-seung has already chose Ji-a.

    Ji-yeon doesn't seem that surprised to be called...

    Ji-yeon looks unamused as her name is announced

    ...but Min-ji and Su-min are pretty shocked.

    And Se-hoon's boys were happy for him.

    Jun-sik cheers as he hears Ji-yeon's name called

    Jun-sik is last to choose, and of course, he chooses So-yeon.

    Jun-sik says "I choose Kang So-yeon"

    While all the couples are off to Paradise, some of the singles are struggling.

    Hyeon-joong says "I thought I'd be okay, but it wasn't easy"

    And in Paradise, Ji-yeon actually seems quite charmed by Se-hoon.

    Ji-yeon smiles widely at Se-hoon while he orders room service

    In fact, the two are so in sync, they're saying the same thing at the same time.

    Both Ji-yeon and Se-hoon say "It looks delicious"

    Ji-yeon is even feeding him ice cream!

    And finally, we learn Se-hoon's age and occupation! He's 27 and he runs a culinary business.

    Se-hoon cooks over an open flame

    Ji-yeon asks Se-hoon if he remembers saying that he changed his mind about the first person he voted for.

    Ji-yeon looks at Se-hoon and says "I want to know what changed your mind"

    Se-hoon says it was because she complimented his pink shirt.

    Se-hoon says "I love pink button-ups, pink T-shirts, and pink shirts"

    Ji-yeon is amused and pleased by his answer, and reiterates that he did look good in pink.

    Ji-yeon tells Se-hoon, "Well, you really looked good in pink"

    Elsewhere in Paradise, So-yeon is opening up about how she felt uncomfortable first time she came to Paradise with Jin-taek.

    Jin-taek hides his face and laughs as So-yeon says "That's why I couldn't tell you then"

    And down the hall, Hyun-seung and Ji-a are getting cozy.

    Ji-a smiles as Hyun-seung tells her he chose her because he's interested in her

    Also, we learn that Hyun-Seung is a 31-year old dancer who has worked with quite a few big artists and groups.

    Hyun-seung dances on stage shirtless

    Hyun-seung admits he was hesitant to bring Ji-a to Paradise.

    But that ultimately, he had to follow his heart.

    Hyun-seung says "But I thought my feelings are more important"

    And then, they take a bath in the hot tub together.

    By the pool, Se-hoon seems to be winning Ji-yeon over with his dad humor.

    Ji-yeon laughs as Se-hoon mimics making an X on her mosquito bites

    Jin-taek and So-yeon are sharing a warm bath, too.

    Jin-taek and So-yeon take a warm bath in a large hottub

    So relaxed that So-yeon even suggests that they share a bed.

    In the dark room, So-yeon asks "Do you think we won't sleep if we sleep on the same bed?"

    Jin-taek joins her in bed, if only to get some more smooth lines off.

    But while Jin-taek and So-yeon were resting peacefully, some people were tossing and turning.

    Hyeon-soong says "I didn't sleep"

    Min-ji hasn't been feeling too good, either.

    When Hyun-seung returns, Hyeon-joong is honest with him.

    Hyeon-soong laughs and says "I talked behind your back a lot yesterday, Hyun-seung"

    In the powder room, Ji-yeon gushes about Se-hoon while Min-ji listens until she's had enough and leaves.

    And Hyeon-soong gets to hear something he's really been wanting to hear.

    Ji-a says "I missed you too"

    Shortly after, the singles are called down to the beach to play a game in the water. Ji-a asks the tough questions.

    Ji-a says "What do I do with my earrings?"

    The singles are paired up to play a game of Chicken, with the goal of knocking each other's caps off their heads. Three winners will go to Paradise.

    While some people are happy with their partners, others feel doomed.

    First up is Ji-a versus Su-min, and Ji-a has a cheerleader.

    Hyeon-joong says "You can do it!"

    But Su-min proves to be competitive, knocking Ji-a's cap off.

    Yea-won goes up against So-yeon, and she knows she's not gonna win.

    Min-ji and Ji-yeon are next in a heated battle.

    Ji-yeon snatches Min-ji's cap, securing herself a spot in Paradise.

    Ji-yeon grabs Min-ji's cap

    Then the three winners take each other on, competing to see who will choose their date for Paradise first.

    Ji-yeon and So-yeon look at their caps in the water

    So Su-min gets first choice, followed by Ji-yeon, then So-yeon.

    Jun-sik and Si-hun clap for Su-min

    Distressed about losing, Min-ji asks for advice.

    Min-ji says "What do you think I should do?"

    And Se-hoon just wants to nap in a hammock, but seconds after settling in, Min-ji is calling him for a talk.

    Hyun-seung and Se-hoon lay in the hammocks and say "I want to take a nap like this"

    Se-hoon admits he thought about choosing her, but went with his heart and instincts.

    Min-ji is curious if this means that he still wants to get to know her, but he lets her down nicely.

    Suddenly, it's time for the winning girls to choose dates. The boys guess about who Su-min will go for.

    And it looks like Ji-yeong is worried about Su-min's choice herself.

    Ji-yeon frowns in the rain holding an umbrella

    But she doesn't have to worry long, because Su-min chooses Si-hun.

    He seems excited for the opportunity to escape Inferno and spend time with Su-min.

    Si-hun says to Su-min, "Let's have fun there"

    Ji-yeon is up next, and So-yeon looks nervous, recalling how she felt with Ji-yeon and Jin-taek went to Paradise together.

    Then, Ji-yeon says a sentence we thought we'd never hear.

    Ji-yeon says "I'd like to go to Paradise with Moon Se-hoon"

    So, Ji-yeon is totally into Se-hoon! Si-hun is getting a second chance at love with Su-min. And Hyeon-joong will finally have time with Ji-a tonight, even if it's not in Paradise. Things are looking good.

    Do you think there's any chance that So-yeon won't choose Jin-taek? Will Min-ji try to flirt with anyone else? Will Hyun-seung try to pursue Yea-won? Let us know your predictions in the comments!