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    Episode 4 Of "Single's Inferno" Is The Messiest One Yet

    Does anyone on this show actually know what they want?

    Welcome back to Paradise.

    Poster for Single's Inferno

    Or Inferno, if you're one of the fastest runners on the island.

    Se-hoon smiles as So-yeon says "Only fast runners are left on this island"

    With their respective love interests, Ji-yeon and Ji-a in Paradise, Se-hoon and Hyeon-joong are speculating on what the girls are thinking.

    Se-hoon actually says that the headstrong Ji-a is his ideal personality type, and that he doesn't often go for softer women like Ji-yeon, which is why he's so intrigued by her.

    But Hyeon-joong thinks Ji-yeon is stronger than Se-hoon is giving her credit for.

    Hyeon-joong says he thinks Ji-yeon is a lot stronger than Se-hoon thinks

    In Paradise, Si-hun is feeling great.

    Si-hun smiles and says "I feel great"

    And Ji-a is drinking it up. She knows the effect she has on these men, and she runs with it.

    Ji-a asks Si-hun, are you drunk on me?

    Yea-won And Jun-sik are finally getting their first taste of Paradise.

    Jun-sik and Yea-won clink glasses of champagne

    Yea-won grills him on his occupation, because she has a guess that she's pretty sure about.

    Yea-won holds out her hand as a microphone to Jun-sik and asks "are you a cook in the army?"

    But Jun-sik reveals that he's actually a health product brand owner. Specifically, a ginseng product.

    Jun-sik wears a beekeeper-type suit in a facility that processes honey

    And Yea-won is a 27-year old personal trainer, Pilates instructor and model.

    Yea-won helps a client with Pilates

    She says she chose Jun-sik because he works out, so they have something in common.

    Yea-won looks up smiling, saying Jun-sik was a silver lining on the deserted island

    Yea-won and Jun-sik enjoy a much-deserved, relaxing hot tub session.

    Jun-sik and Yea-won sit in the hot tub and say time flies here because they're happy

    And down the hall, Jin-taek and Ji-yeon are relaxing, too.

    Jin-taek and Ji-yeon wear sheet masks and sit on a couch, saying they had no idea they'd come here together

    In the pool, Si-hun can't stop himself from falling all over Ji-a.

    But don't get too comfortable with Si-hun, Ji-a. Back in Inferno, Hyeon-joong is busy working on his muscle veins just for you.

    Hyeon-joong curls a dumbbell, showing his veiny muscles

    At breakfast, So-yeon, Se-hoon and Hyeon-joong go over their strategies.

    Se-hoon picks up a book called The God of Decision-Making and says he'll let it decide his fate for the day.

    So-yeon opens the book to a page that reads "Keep trying," and gasps

    So-yeon tries to convince him that he should keep trying something else, like getting to know others.

    So-yeon pats Se-hoon's back saying "Think about what you should keep trying"

    So-yeon's reaction to the couples returning from Paradise only solidifies the suspicion that she's setting her sights on Se-hoon.

    So-yeon says "I couldn't look at Jin-taek in the eyes"

    Ji-yeon catches the girls up on her time in Paradise with Jin-taek, and it's awkward.

    Ji-yeon smiles and says "Jin-taek is such a smooth talker"

    She talks about their little face mask date.

    So-yeon looks like she's trying not to scream as someone aks Ji-yeon, "Really? Together? Alone?"

    Jin-taek tells the boys he and Ji-yeon did something good for body care and a very curious Se-hoon wants to know if they gave each other massages.

    Jin-taek says "It's a kind of massage, we used facial masks"

    And when Hyeon-joong says that So-yeon went to bed early last night, Jin-taek seems relieved.

    Jin-taek raises his eyebrows when Hyeon-joong says So-yeon went to bed early because she wasn't feeling well

    So-yeon grills Ji-a on how she knew Si-hun would choose her.

    Ji-a says she had no idea when So-yeon asks if it was her gaze that landed Si-hun

    Ji-yeon seems a little taken aback by Ji-a's description of her time with Si-hun, especially her calling him proactive.

    Ji-yeon looks uncomfortable

    Si-hun makes a point of saying Ji-a is different than what he expected from Hyeon-joong's description of her.

    Si-hun says "To me, she felt totally different from what I heard"

    And Hyeon-joong is painfully forced to listen to Si-hun talk about what an amazing time he had with Ji-a.

    Hyeon-joong sucks his lips in as Si-hun says "It changed everything, it almost felt weird"

    The next morning, the singles are given free time for dates on the Island, and the men race each other to leave.

    The men rush out the door, someone exclaims "I'm leaving first!"

    Hyeon-joong beats Si-hun to Ji-a.

    Hyeon-joong asks Ji-a if she had fun, walking down the beach as Si-hun stands alone in the back

    Ji-a tells Hyeon-joong she had a lot she wanted to say, but then she hits him with this...

    Ji-a says to Hyeon-joong, "Looking at your eyes, I forgot what it was"

    Ji-a admits that she felt a little uncomfortable on their date, but that it was also more fun than her date with Si-hun.

    Ji-a wants to know why he isn't trying to talk to anyone else.

    Hyeon-joong says he was left alone with no one he wanted to have a deep conversation with

    He says he wouldn't approach anyone else first, and she has another line for him.

    Ji-a says "I want you to come to me"Hyeon

    Satisfied, Hyeon-joong doesn't even let it bother him when Si-hun approaches.

    Hyeon-joong says "I should get some water ready for our guest"

    Up the hill, So-yeon has some questions for Jin-taek.

    He answers pretty honestly, saying he doesn't feel guilty.

    Jin-taek throws a line in before their conversation ends on a sour note.

    Back in the girls bunk, Se-hoon is desperate for a crumb of interest from Ji-yeon, but he isn't getting it.

    So he leaves.

    So-yeon lays alone in bed

    Si-hun tells Ji-a he has no more thinking to do after yesterday, he's all in.

    But he wants to know where her head is at. She says she still needs time to talk to Hyeon-joong.

    So-yeon is torn between Jin-taek and Se-hoon and she goes to Yea-won for advice.

    So-yeon smiles as Yea-won says about Se-hoon, "I think this is the moment he can be swayed"

    So she pulls Se-hoon for a chat and tells him she doesn't want to see him get hurt, then goes in for the kill.

    So-yeon says "I thought you were interested in me"

    So-yeon's forthright approach pays off when Se-hoon admits he did write her on the first day.

    So-yeon follows his lead and owns up to writing him a note herself.

    But it doesn't stop there. So-yeon gets even bolder.

    Se-hoon seems a bit shocked.

    Se-hoon looks down and says "I had no idea"

    But when he thanks So-yeon for her courage, it seems that maybe he isn't too interested in her.

    So-yeon and Se-hoon walk away and he says "I appreciate your courage"

    And just when you thought things couldn't get more interesting, two new singles are thrown in the mix.

    I'm just in shock after this episode. Shocked at how disloyal some people are and shock at how loyal others remain.

    What do you think will happen next? Who will win Ji-a's heart? Will Se-hoon give So-yeon a shot? Will the newcomers sway anyone? Let us know in the comments!