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    No One Is Safe In Single's Inferno Episode 6

    New additions mean new subtractions.

    It's heating up in the Inferno.

    Single's Inferno Netflix poster

    Episode 6 picks up where Episode 5 left off: with the new singles going on dates with the people of their choosing.

    Ji-a looks up at Hyun-seung and he says "Hold me," she says "Okay"

    And others are left in the Inferno, alone with their thoughts and feelings.

    Hyeon-joong says "It's like your best friend has a crush on your crush"

    While Hyun-seung and Ji-a seem to be hitting it off...

    Ji-a says "Maybe we were meant to meet"

    ...Se-hoon and Min-ji quickly realize that they have nothing in common.

    And Jun-sik and Su-min seem to struggle to find things to talk about.

    While Hyeon-joong and Si-hun are missing Ji-a...

    ...she doesn't seem to be thinking of either of them.

    Despite all their differences, Se-hoon says he actually had fun with Min-ji.

    And Hyeon-joong, tired of keeping it in, has a question for Hyun-Seung: WHY?

    Hyeon-joong says "Why did you choose Ji-a?"

    Then he goes to seek Ji-a out, ready to make his presence known again.

    And in case Ji-a forgot, he reminds her: He is a puppy. Her puppy.

    Jin-taek and So-yeon are getting cozy again, making it seem like they're back on.

    Jin-taek and So-yeon sit on a bench together watching the sunset, So-yeon says the sky is so beautiful and Yea-won says "Are you on your honeymoon?"

    But the sunset isn't the only thing in view. Si-hun is pacing back and forth a few meters away.

    Yea-won says "It looks like Si-hun has been waiting for Ji-a"

    When he finally catches her, he asks her if she's made her mind up yet.

    And yeah, Hyeon-joong does talk about Ji-a a lot.

    Ji-a says she's not ready to make a decision yet, but asks Si-hun what he'd do if she didn't choose him.

    Ji-a says "What if I end up choosing someone else, what would you do then?"

    Ji-a says she wishes she could tell him how she feels, but she can't. So he asks her to use her eyes.

    And Si-hun has his answer.

    Si-hun says, "It's okay, I don't want to burden you"

    But that doesn't mean he's happy with it.

    Si-hun looks depressed and says he wants to go home

    Meanwhile, Ji-yeon is feeling rejected as she watches Jin-taek and So-yeon bonding.

    Ji-yeon touches her face and looks distracted

    Later, Ji-yeon vents to Ji-a about Jin-taek not paying her any mind since their date in Paradise.

    The announcer says it's time for the newcomers to drop postcards in the postboxes of the person they're interested in.

    Hyun-seung goes straight for Ji-a's postbox.

    Hyun-seung drops a postcard

    And the tables have turned for Se-hoon, who has been chosen by both new girls.

    The next morning, the singles are called down to the beach.

    The singles father around a mud pool and the announcer says the male participants will play a game for dates in Paradise

    And the girls really wanna go.

    The men need to push each other out of the mud pool. The last three remaining will get to go to Paradise with dates.

    The men stand in the mud pool and say that now that they've become friends, it's harder to compete

    The girls seem a little worried about the men hurting their pride.

    Ji-a looks concerned as So-yeon says "This is going to break their friendship"

    As expected, Hyeon-joong goes straight for Si-hun.

    Hyeon-joong launches at Si-hun while the other men stand on the sides

    But suddenly, everyone is teaming up on Hyeon-joong and tossing him out, leaving Si-hun cocky.

    Si-hun shouts "You're all dead!"

    Si-hun goes for Hyun-jeung next, even calling on Jin-taek for help.

    Si-hun grimaces attacking Hyun-seung, while shouting "Jin-taek!"

    And the women are both horrified and entertained.

    Despite their best efforts, Hyun-seung is unflappable.

    Hyun-seung smirks and says "You don't want to attack me"

    So Si-hun goes for Jun-sik next, but he doesn't succeed. Then Se-hoon attacks Si-hun, throwing him out of the pool.

    Se-hoon throws Si-hun out of the pool

    Hyun-seung and Jin-taek get Jun-sik out next...

    Hyun-seung throws Jun-sik out of the pool with Jin-taek's help

    ...but then Hyun-seung goes for Jin-taek, tossing him out.

    Se-hoon grabs one side of Jin-taek while Hyun-seung says "It's game over for you"

    Now it's down to Hyun-seung and Se-hoon, and it's a tough battle.

    Ji-a gasps while So-yeon admires Se-hoon saying "Gosh, his strength beat his athletic talent"

    But Se-hoon eventually tires out, and Hyun-seung emerges victorious.

    The girls watch as Hyun-seung tosses Se-hoon out of the pool

    Suddenly, Ji-yeon is worried about Se-hoon for the first time.

    Ji-yeon looks concerned and asks Se-hoon if he's okay

    And Yea-won has a newfound appreciation for Hyun-Seung.

    The girls decide they should all take a chance to talk to Hyun-seung and get to know him better.

    So-yeon says, "How about we all talk to Hyun-seung?"

    But something tells me they aren't even all that interested.

    Su-min smiles as someone says "Finally, Se-hoon is going to Paradise"

    Still, Min-ji goes first. But mid-convo, she notices Su-min and Se-hoon walking together.

    And Su-min wastes no time letting Se-hoon know her intentions.

    But their impromptu ice water date is quickly interrupted.

    Meanwhile, Yea-won is charming the pants off of Hyun-seung as they bond over their love of water.

    She's so charming, in fact, that he continues to talk about her when he's sitting with So-yeon.

    He's even talking about her when he returns to the dorms, and Jun-sik does not look pleased about it.

    Jun-sik frowns as Hyun-seung says about Yea-won, "She's so fun, she's so funny"

    But when it comes time to choose a date, he picks Ji-a.

    Hyun-seung says he chooses Ji-a

    And yeah, Hyeon-soong and Si-hun both called it.

    Hyeon-joong says "Told you" as the announcer tells Ji-a to come outside

    The girls don't know who Se-hoon will pick, but Yea-won thinks it's gonna be Ji-yeon, who disagrees.

    Ji-yeon says "I don't think so, I can assure you"

    The boys guess that he'll choose Su-min, but Si-hun says he hopes that Su-min stays behind so he can talk to her.

    Hyeon-joong says "I feel like he'll choose Su-min" and Si-hun says "I hope she stays here tonight"

    Despite Min-ji and Su-min's strong efforts, Se-hoon still wants to go to Paradise with Ji-yeon.

    Se-hoon says "Shin Ji-yeon."

    Did Se-hoon make the right call? Will Ji-yeon be happy to join him in Paradise? Will Si-hun actually talk to Su-min now? Will Hyeon-joong make it to the morning?

    Find out all these answers and more next time!