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    Things Are Heating Up In Episode 3 Of "Single's Inferno"

    With new rules coming into play, nothing can go according to plan.

    It's another hot day in Single's Inferno.


    For a recap of Episode 2, click here. And be warned, SPOILERS AHEAD!

    Will So-yeon really be the only person Jin-taek takes to Paradise? Is Se-hoon doing OK after his rejection? Will any of these guys finally notice how special Yea-won is? And what do Ji-yeon and Su-hin do for a living? Could he really be an idol? These are the questions Episode 2 of Single's Inferno left us with, and now we're getting answers.

    We left off with three couple in Paradise: Si-hun and Ji-yeon, Jin-taek and So-yeon, and Hyeon-Joong and Ji-a. And three singles alone in Inferno: Se-hoon, Jun-sik, and Yea-won.

    Things seemed to be going well, but previews of this episode warned that things could change. Jin-taek was coming on strong to So-yeon, making himself appear as a one-woman man, Hyeon-Joong and Ji-a appeared to be really into each other, and Si-hun and Ji-yeon had cute, flirty banter, though they both seemed a bit reserved.

    For starters, let's get this out of the way. No, Se-hoon is not doing well.

    Se-hoon stares up at the night sky on a chair outside the tents

    He can't get Ji-yeon out of his head. He's lovesick. 

    Meanwhile, Si-hun and Ji-yeon are enjoying a meal together, where we learn that Ji-yeon had the same intentions as Ji-a on that brunch date.

    Ji-yeon smiles and says that she was happy she got to have an iced americano

    She was only in it for the coffee! I get it, and it also makes sense now why she didn't choose Se-hoon. Maybe she was put off by all the heavy flirting.

    Even sadder that Se-hoon just admitted to Yea-won and Jun-sik that the only reason he invited Ji-a on the brunch date was because she and Ji-yeon seemed close, and he wanted Ji-yeon to be comfortable.

    If you've watched Terrace House: Opening New Doors, this is starting to feel like when Taka was courting Ami. 

    Si-hun reveals that he is not an idol — he just looks like one. And he's older than he looks, at 30 years old.

    Si-hun points to an image of two fashionably dressed male models on a computer

    He actually runs a fashion business and plans to launch a fashion brand. That explains his style, which attracted Ji-yeon in the first place.

    Ji-yeon is 25 years old and a student studying neuroscience at the University of Toronto.

    Ji-yeon sits at a desk studying with her hair tied back

    She chose to study the brain because her grandfather is currently suffering from Alzheimer's. 🥺

    Si-hun says he doesn't care if anyone else likes the person he likes, because once he likes someone, he doesn't give up.

    Si-hun sits in a pink shirt and says "once I know, I'm all in"

    This could prove to be the start of a war between him and Se-hoon.

    Back in Inferno, Yea-won and Jun-sik are getting to know each other better.

    Yea-won and Jun-sik it on a bench and smile, Yea-won says they have so much in common

    Finally, give this girl the attention she deserves!

    I mean come on, look at her.

    Yea-won lays on the beach in a blue bikini and sunglasses

    And Se-hoon is grateful to Yea-won and Jun-sik for making him lay out on the beach with them to get a tan, which apparently was a wish of his.

    Then the couples return from Paradise, and it kinda feels like when you walk into a room and you can tell everyone's been talking about you.

    So-yeon and Jin-taek walk towards the dorms with a nervous smile

    She may be smiling, but there's fear in her eyes!

    But the boys are welcomed back with open arms.

    Se-hoon hugs Jin-taek and says he missed him

    They definitely secretly hate each other a little though, right?

    And of course, all the girls missed Yea-won.

    Yea-won leaps onto Ji-yeon and hugs her on her bed

    No jealousy or resentment here, just pure vibes!

    Ji-a opens up about her date with Hyeon-soong. She thinks they hit it off.

    Ji-a explains that her and Hyeon-joong are both a bit cold making them similar

    But it seems Hyeon-joong felt differently.

    Hyeon-joong looks pensive as he asks, but when you give something, you should get something back too, right?

    But the gossip is interrupted by an announcement from the Master of Single's Inferno. There will be another couple matching session today, but this time, they can't choose the partner they chose last time. Some people seem excited; some seem nervous.

    Hyeon-joong looks pensive again as the singles are summoned to the beach

    Honestly, can't tell which emotion Hyeon-joong is feeling.

    It's time for another game. And this time, it's the girls playing.

    The singles stand in a line on the beach as the announcer says only women will be playing today

    Time to see who's competitive.

    They're fighting for a meal with two guys of their choice, and everyone wants in on the menu of Pyeongyang naengmyeon, suyuk bossam, and of course, iced Americanos.


    So-yeon leaves the other girls in the dust, and Jin-taek is hype, because he thinks he's gonna get that delicious lunch.

    Jin-taek claps as the other guys say they think So-yeon could beat them too

    But the considerate So-yeon has other plans.

    So-yeon wears a green bikini and says she wants to have the meal with the two men left in Inferno yesterday

    Who can be mad at that?

    Jin-taek looked a bit bummed, but to his credit, he seemed to understand.

    Jin-taek says he got the feeling that So-yeon cares about everyone

    And Se-hoon really needed a win after the brutal blow of watching Ji-yeon go to Paradise with Si-hun.

    Se-hoon eats and says the food is so good

    But is there more to it? Remember, So-yeon and Se-hoon did send postcards to each other on the first day...

    Jun-sik cuts the small talk and asks the real questions. Who is So-yeon interested in?

    Jun-sik asks So-yeon if she's curious about anyone else

    She kind of dodges the question, and says that even being on this brunch date with them feels like cheating.

    So-yeon says she feels like she's stealing someone else's man

    Then she brings up Ji-yeon, so it's clear whose man it feels like she's stealing.

    Then she compliments Se-hoon, which only makes things even more curious.

    So-yeon tells Se-hoon she thinks he's really forthright

    But if she can read him so easily, how did she not read that he didn't want to be there?

    Yup. Se-hoon basically said he wished he wouldn't have been picked because he wanted to talk to Ji-yeon at lunch time. So he seeks her out as soon as they return.


    His eyes are on the prize. But TBH, it's getting kind of awkward now. I feel bad for Ji-yeon.

    So he gets busy asking her some hard-hitting questions. You know, to really get to know her better.

    Se-hoon excitedly asks Ji-yeon if she likes merry go rounds

    Ji-yeon is clearly uncomfortable, as displayed by her signature "I'm uncomfortable" move of fanning herself.

    Ji-yeon fans herself with both hands

    This is painful to watch.

    When they return to the dorms, Ji-yeon hangs back to talk with Si-hun and Jin-taek, and there's an awkward vibe of something unspoken as they discuss choosing partners.


    Do they know something we don't know?

    Then it's time to choose up. The boys have chosen already by slipping their travel tickets into the appropriate post boxes, and the girls must go out by the fire pit and say who they'd like to go to Paradise with.

    So-yeon looks apprehensive and says, we can't let our guards down, right?

    First up is Yea-won, who chooses Jun-sik, who she got to bond with last night and this morning.

    Yea-won shades the sun with her hands and smiles

    And he chose her too! Finally, Yea-won is getting the respect she deserves!

    Jun-sik and Yea-won walk up the steps and he carries her bag, apologizing for keeping her waiting

    He's so thankful that he has to pray and bow a couple of times before heading out of the dorm. 

    Then it's So-yeon's turn. She chooses Se-hoon. (!!!)

    So-yeon looks exasperated as she waits

    Is she into him for real?

    But he is unfazed in his bed, clearly not coming out.

    Se-hoon studies a pencil sitting in bed

    Is anyone surprised? He definitely chose Ji-yeon.

    So she returns to her dorm, looking a bit disappointed.

    So-yeon looks down sadly

    Back in the boys' dorm, everyone is convinced Jin-taek will be going to Paradise, but he doesn't think so.

    Jin-taek lies in bed, responding "for what?" when someone tells him he better get ready

    Even weirder, they think Ji-a chose him, which means they think he chose her, too. I'm pretty sure they haven't even exchanged glances, let alone words.

    And Ji-a clearly has other plans. She chose Si-hun.

    Ji-a says she wants to go on a date with Si-hun

    And he chose her too!

    Si-hun reclines in bed as the announcer says he found his match

    I wonder how Ji-yeon and Hyeon-joong will feel about this.

    Now Ji-yeon is the last to choose, and she doesn't want to do it.

    Ji-yeon looks upset, cradling her head in her hand

    I mean, how do you choose between one of your friend's partners or the guy who's been making you uncomfortable with his relentless advances?

    As it turns out, all of the remaining guys have chosen Ji-yeon. So, no matter who she chooses, she's going to Paradise.

    Hyeon-joong slips a ticket in Ji-yeon's mailbox and the hosts say that all the guys chose her

    And the winner is...


    Jin-taek smiles and asks, Shall we?

    I really didn't see that coming.

    Neither did Se-hoon, who is once again in disbelief.


    So-yeon is shocked herself.


    She says she actually chose Se-hoon because she knew he wouldn't choose her, so that she could stay behind in Inferno with Jin-taek. I wonder if he thought the same when choosing Ji-yeon.

    So Hyeon-joong, So-yeon, and Se-hoon are stuck in Inferno tonight.

    Se-hoon turns to So-yeon to say he's glad they ate the naengmyeon today

    Oh, now he's grateful she invited him for lunch.

    And once again, Se-hoon is a giant buzzkill.

    Se-hoon sulks by the cauldron while So-yeon points and laughs, joking to Hyeon-joong that he's become a cauldron

    So-yeon keeps trying to lighten the mood with jokes anyway.

    So-yeon laughs as Je-hoon smiles

    Maybe she's flirting?

    But Se-hoon doesn't even wanna laugh!

    Se-hoon says he can't joke today cause he's out of patience while So-yeon laughs

    And Hyeon-Joong is feeling the absence of Ji-a, and the jealousy of knowing she's in Paradise with someone else.

    Hyeon-joong looks down sadly

    The vibes are definitely off in Inferno tonight.

    Meanwhile, at the hotel, Jin-taek is proving himself to be a smooth talker, flirting up a storm with Ji-yeon, giving clever responses to everything she mentions about her ideal type.

    Jin-taek laughs as Ji-yeon asks if he's making a decision for her

    If only So-yeon could see him now. Tsk tsk.

    When Ji-yeon asks him why he chose her, he says it's because he "felt her gaze."

    Jin-taek says "maybe it was one-sided" as Ji-yeon laughs

    He sounds so smug!

    Meanwhile, So-yeon is teasing Se-hoon, and he isn't having it.


    He needs to get over himself!

    And while everyone in Inferno is singing Jin-taek's praises...


    ...he's busy catering to Ji-yeon's every need.

    Jin-taek serves steak and sauce to Ji-yeon while she smiles and says "You're doing everything for me"

    When Ji-yeon tries to ask him what he and So-yeon talked about while they were in Paradise yesterday, he hits her with this lame cop-out.

    Jin-taek says "we actually spent most of our time eating"

    Lying through his teeth!!!

    And Si-hun and Ji-a are getting very cozy in the pool.

    Ji-a looks at Si-hun and saysm "You don't want to go home, do you?"

    I'll leave you with these wise words from Hyeon-joong, who definitely has no idea how true they really are.

    Hyeon-joong says "this game has just started"

    It's a game indeed, and a dirty one at that.

    Join us next time to see if anyone on Single's Inferno can stay loyal and find love!

    And hopefully, see more of Yea-won, because I want to know how her and Jun-sik's first trip to Paradise is going!

    Are you shocked by Jin-taek's actions? Do you think Ji-a and Si-hun are going to be an item now? And will Se-hoon ever try talking to someone besides Ji-yeon? Let us know in the comments!