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    Here Are All The Best Moments In Episode 2 Of "Single's Inferno"

    Like Ji-a predicted, it's only getting hotter.

    We're back in the inferno and ready to uncover the mystery of the three-note mailbox.

    Single's inerno show for netflix

    Last time, we left off on a cliffhanger. Who received three notes of interest in their mailbox? Si-yeon or Ji-a?

    Three postcards sit inside a mailbox

    To no surprise, it was Ji-a.

    Ji-a reaches into the mailbox with three postcards

    Which means Ji-yeon received none.

    Ji-yeon peeks into her mailbox and says "it's empty"

    Back in the room, it's a little awkward.

    Ji-yeon fans her face while saying it's cold, Yea-won asks why she's doing that if she's cold

    In the morning, everyone is working out. Well, almost everyone.

    At breakfast, Si-hun notices Ji-a is missing and goes to find her. Meanwhile, sparks fly at the table between Jin-taek and So-yeon.

    Ji-a and Ji-yeon are busy primping. Si-hun (who both Ji-yeon and Ji-a have expressed interest in) waits outside...for Ji-a.

    Si-hun waits outside the primping area

    Jin-taek woos Yea-won and So-yeon by reciting a short poem, which is another point for him in So-yeon's book.

    While Se-hoon and Si-hun crowd Ji-yeon and ask her questions.

    Si-hun sits to the left of Ji-yeon while Se-hoon sits to her right, she smiles at Si-hun as he recalls she said she's a picky eater

    Ji-a and Hyeon-joong flirt in their own weird way, with Hyeon-joong comparing himself to a puppy who will come when Ji-a calls and guessing her blood type.

    All the flirting is interrupted by the Master of Single's Inferno summoning the singles to the beach to play a game. The men race through the water to capture flags while the women watch.

    Se-hoon absolutely crushes the competition.

    Se-hoon claps while holding a flag on the beach, Jin-taek lags behind

    Brunch looks delicious. But who is Se-hoon gonna share it with?

    Thee plates of food and three iced Americans sit on a rattan table decorated with flowers

    Surprise! It's Ji-yeon and Ji-a. Well, Ji-yeon is no shocker. But Ji-a is. Even weirder, he kind of ignores her and lavishes attention on Ji-yeon.

    Ji-a looks out of place sipping her coffee while Se-hoon and Ji-yeon make eye contact while talking

    Well, according to Si-hun, Hyeon-joong is hiding away 'cause he's upset about losing.

    The losing singles eat lunch in the cafeteria

    And poor Ji-a is still watching Se-hoon moon (no pun intended!) over Ji-yeon.

    Se-hoon takes a photo of a posing Ji-yeon and says she looks amazing while Ji-a watches

    Jin-taek continues to seek out So-yeon any chance he gets, telling her she's the only one he's interested in.

    Soon after, it's time to choose couples and go to Paradise. The girls are given tickets to place in the mailboxes of the guys they'd like to go to Paradise with.

    Then, the guys go stand by the campfire and say who'd they like to go to Paradise with. If they choose a girl who also chose them, the girl will come out and leave with them.

    First up is Hyeon-Joong.

    Hyeon-joong stands at the campfire ready to announce his pick

    And Ji-a comes out, having chosen him too.

    Ji-a smiles as Hyeon-joong comes to help her with her suitcase

    But it's awkward when moments later, Jun-sik also says he wants to go with Ji-a.

    Jun-sik stands alone at the firepit as the master announces that Ji-a did not choose him back

    And then both Si-hun and Se-hoon say they'd like to go to Paradise with Ji-yeon.

    Ji-yeon chooses Si-hun, who she did express interest in. Guess the brunch date with Se-hoon wasn't enough to win her over!

    Si-hun and Ji-yeon walk away together

    Se-hoon's bros welcome him back with open arms and promise him a nice dinner, even though he's stuck on Inferno. But he still looks upset.

    But Jin-taek won't be here for dinner, because he's going to Paradise with So-yeon.

    Jin-taek holds So-yeon's bag and walks towards the helipad with her

    And once again, I am disappointed in all of the men for failing Yea-won.

    Yea-won looks distracted, lounging alone in bed

    It looks like she chose Jun-sik, who chose Ji-a. I guess the silver lining is that they're both stuck in Inferno together now!

    Yea-won slides her ticket into Jun-sik's mailbox

    While the lonely singles sulk in their dorms, the lucky couples head to Paradise in a helicopter.

    Si-hun, Ji-yeon, So-yeon and Jin-taek laugh and compare the helicopter to a pirate ship ride

    Everyone is wowed by the suites in Paradise.

    Jin-taek and So-yeon look around in awe

    They waste no time taking advantage of the amenities, like room service!

    Hyeoon-joong smiles down at a menu and announces he's ordering everything while Ji-a looks on

    And Si-hun proves he's really always listening to Ji-yeon and picking up on what she likes, which is so sweet.

    Si-hun and Ji-yeon laugh on a couch, Si-hun says he wore pink for her

    Back in Inferno, Yea-won tries to keep everyone's spirits up while they share dinner.

    Yea-won giggles across from Se-hoon and Jun-sik who are eating

    But Se-hoon seems committed to feeling sorry for himself.

    Se-hoon looks out in the distance

    Ji-a and Hyeon-joong enjoy their feast and get to know each other better. Time to learn each other's ages and professions!

    Ji-a and Hyeon-joong eat a large buffet

    Ji-a reveals that she's a beauty content YouTuber with 500,000 subscribers.

    Ji-a sits on a pink velvet couch all dressed up, focusing a camera on herself

    Hyeon-joong is, to no surprise, a fitness trainer and model. Ji-a even guesses both of his professions correctly.

    So-yeon and Jin-taek seem to be enjoying each other's company, going for a swim and then ordering room service in their robes. But things seem to take a turn when they discover each other's ages.

    So-yeon and Jin-taek are both running businesses of their own.

    And despite the age difference, Jin-taek isn't backing down.

    But in the preview for the next episode, So-yeon is told she can't go to Paradise while Jin-taek seems to be leaving...

    So-yeon looks disappointed upon learning she won't be going to Paradise

    Next time, we'll hopefully learn about Si-hun and Ji-yeon's ages and professions, since they didn't reveal them yet. And we'll get to see how it went for the other couples.

    Do you ship anyone yet? Who do you think will stay together, and who will be swayed? Let us know in the comments!