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19 Reasons Why It's Wonderful To Be Gay In Scotland

From gender neutral loos to the brilliant Susan Calman, being gay in Scotland is a beautiful thing.

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4. Both Edinburgh and Glasgow universities have gender neutral toilets.

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Whether you're trans, CIS, non-binary or just really need the loo, thanks to Edinburgh and Glasgow's student unions you can have a wee without being menaced by the dinosaurs of transphobia and gender conformity.


5. That kiss at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. / BBC

8. Our equal marriage is more equal than yours.

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In the rest of the UK, married transgender people need to get written consent from their spouse before they can get legal recognition of their gender. This is called the "spousal veto" and Scotland voted to have it removed from the equal marriage bill. Because we're just that awesome.


10. Men in kilts.

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There's something gloriously progressive about a country whose national dress blurs gender lines. Especially if you've got the thighs to carry it off.


14. An independent Scotland would be great for LGBT people.

The majority of gay voters support independence, and all major parties have said that LGBT rights would be outlined in a written constitution – except the Conservatives. Tut tut, Ruth Davidson.

15. Alan Cumming – he's here, he's queer, he's wearing a kilt.

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One of Scotland's best-loved exports, Cumming may not live here anymore but he's been using his celebrity to wave the Saltire for independence. Please feel free to imagine him and a James Bond-era Sean Connery mud-wrestling to decide who's more patriotic.


17. Glasgay!

Forget Pride – if you want to paint the town rainbow, head to Glasgow in the autumn for the brilliant Glasgay arts festival. But don't get so drunk after drinking too many sambuccas with the cute butch at the bar that you forget everything you've just seen. Trust me on this one.

19. We offer asylum to people facing homophobic persecution

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Thanks to having our own parliament, we can extend asylum to countries that persecute LGBT people without having to get Westminster to agree.