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9 Rich People Things From "And Just Like That..." That Absolutely Blew My Mind

If you could just wire Natasha's declined one million dollars to me, please...

Now that we’ve gotten through the entirety of HBO Max’s rollercoaster Sex and the City reboot, I’m back with more ponderings on And Just Like That... Don’t come at me.

We know I love to harp on the financial discrepancies between Carrie Bradshaw and reality, but this time around, I’m broadening my horizons to the unrelatable “rich people" things scattered throughout the series.

Don’t get me wrong, these types of plotlines make for fantastic TV, so I’m not even hating. There is also nothing wrong with being rich! (I am in my wildest dreams...)

Coming from a non-millionaire, these were the 9 “rich people” things that continuously left me mind-blown while watching AJLT:

1. When Natasha turned down Mr. Big's one million dollars.

When Carrie and Natasha finally meet face to face (after a bit of low-grade stalking on Carrie's part), Natasha accepts a verbal apology but declines that one million dollar check...

I admire Natasha for keeping her dignity intact, but, girl, that was one million dollars. As an average human with average finances, I can't help but feel SHOOK TO MY CORE.

2. When Carrie could literally *not* with her trendy downtown high-rise (and sold it days after purchase!).

Fortunately for her, newfound bestie/realtor Seema basically says "no biggie!" and just like that...the luxurious Manhattan home is back on the market!

To me, this plotline felt like something straight out of Gossip Girl. Who knows, maybe Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf will become the next homeowners! 

Fortunately, for fans of the original series, seeing Carrie ultimately choose to move back into her old apartment is one of AJLT's best waves of nostalgia. From a practical standpoint, however, who on earth would buy and sell the same piece of prime New York real estate all within the matter of a few days? 

Carrie Bradshaw, that's who. 

3. When Carrie kept her brownstone as a storage unit.

For us peasants, keeping an apartment that's not in use (except for as a glorified storage unit) and generates no income is probably not in the cards.

As a side note, Carrie does allude to keeping the apartment during her marriage as a retreat or as a place for friends to stay. Sorry to my pals — you will be stuck staying on my couch for a while.

4. All of the characters' super rich-person pastimes.

It's fun to watch the women go about their glamorous lives while they lunch with their friends on the daily. It's fun because, for most of us, this lifestyle is not our reality.

While money isn’t discussed at any great length in the show, we can solidify that it's not an issue for these characters even just through their wealthy pastimes and hobbies.

5. Everyone dining at upscale restaurants daily.

Regardless of age, eating out at New York City's hotspots is still the primary method of socialization for these wealthy characters. Countless internet sleuths (and also outlets like us) have tried to figure out the amount of money these women spend on dining, but at this point, the number doesn't even matter. We just know it's a lot of money.

Between SATC and AJLT, Carrie has been busy learning to cook salmon, but the majority of her meals still involve making resi's and flagging down waitstaff. For the rest of us, we may have to settle for a grocery haul from Trader Joe's and live vicariously through Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda.

6. Carrie and Charlotte's avoidance of the subway.

We do witness a shift from taxi-hailing to ride service-calling, but if you've ever tried to catch an Uber after an event in the city, you know it doesn't come cheap.

This lifestyle detail might be arbitrary and even "average," but to live in a major metropolitan area without a car and also avoid the bus and subway system definitely points to being loaded. 

7. All of the wildly expensive fashion all of the time.

It goes without saying that this is a huge indicator of financial status throughout the series — despite OG Carrie racking up an insane amount of credit card debt. At this point, she is in her fifties and more settled in life, so it seems she can actually afford the trendy designer pieces in her closet.

It's wild to me that the women dress so formally for what most of us would consider casual occasions: afternoon lunch with a bestie, hosting a couple of friends at your place for dinner, or a charitable painting outing (in which Carrie shows up in high heels).

8. Everything decor-wise for Rock/Charlotte's 'they mitzvah.'

In true Charlotte fashion, her wealth gives her the ability to spare no expense. She rents out a massive venue decked to the nines and sets up a full-on candy bar. Get me an invite to this party stat!

Even though the day doesn't go as planned, Charlotte and the Goldenblatts are still able to make it a party to remember — in true glitzy and glamorous New York-elite fashion! 

9. When everyone acknowledged the pandemic but also not really.

Their memories of the pandemic seem to be lighthearted jokes about surviving lockdown, versus a storyline that might resonate more with characters of a differing financial status.

Let me be clear: I'm very glad our fictional friends came out unscathed and that AJLT could serve as a fun, escapist medium for the stressors of real life. I just couldn't help but wonder...would the pandemic be discussed differently if these women had the salaries of the crew in New Girl or Friends?

Alright, I will let this show rest in peace. Do you have more opinions on AJLT? Share them in the comments below!

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