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    Carrie Bradshaw's Spending Habits In "Sex And The City" Stressed Me Out! Let's Talk About Her Finances In The Reboot

    And just like that, Carrie is cooking asparagus.

    *This article contains spoilers from episodes 16*

    HBO’s And Just Like That, the anticipated Sex and the City reboot, invites TV’s iconic cosmo-drinking, designer shoe-wearing Manhattanites back into our lives.

    Back in November, I did a full rewatch of the original series and recapped some of Carrie's biggest financial fails (ICYMI, she had, like, $40,000 in shoes and $0 in savings, for starters). So, when And Just Like That... aired a month later, I couldn’t help but wonder: Would our favorite fashionista still be charging Manolo Blahniks to her AmEx?

    1. Carrie is living a comfortably lavish life in the reboot.

    2. Carrie's fashion is still high-end and fabulous.

    3. Carrie actually sort of cooks now!

    4. Carrie quit smoking for a while.

    5. Carrie still avoids the subway — but possibly orders Ubers!

    6. Carrie has made a career change.

    7. For some reason, Carrie kept her old apartment.

    8. Ultimately, Carrie (and the show itself) has shifted focus as a whole.

    Do you think Carrie Bradshaw's spending habits have changed from her Sex and the City days? Tell us in the comments below!