I Just Rewatched "Sex And The City" And Cringed At These 10 Budgeting Fails

    She likes her money right where she can see it...hanging in her closet.

    Whether you love her or you hate her, Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw stands the test of time. Even without the anticipated HBO Max reboot, And Just Like That..., Carrie is one of TV's most well-known personas due to her iconic closet, her collection of ex-boyfriends, and her over-the-top spending habits.

    And just like that, here are 10 times Carrie Bradshaw made serious money mistakes:

    1. When she spent approximately $40,000 on shoes.

    2. When she bullied Charlotte into giving her money for a downpayment.

    3. When she was nonchalant about her maxed credit card.

    4. When she asked her friend if she could return a gift because she "could really use the cash."

    5. When she avoided the subway and only took cabs.

    6. When she avoided cooking or eating at home.

    7. When she spent a ridiculous amount on clothes.

    8. When she always had a cigarette in her hand.

    9. When she hired herself a personal assistant.

    10. When she didn't prioritize her financial future (which was all the time...).

    Is there anything I missed? Share the Carrie Bradshaw money moments that make you yell at the screen in the comments!

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