13 Things We Learned From Lil Boosie’s Post-Prison Press Conference

After four years in prison, rapper Lil Boosie is finally home. Internet, rejoice.

Today at a live-streamed press conference, Lil Boosie was interviewed by Angela Yee.

The two spoke about the rapper’s time in jail, his family, and how he plans to spend his time as a free man.

Those chairs, though.

1. Anyway, Boosie has a lot of friends. Rappers like Jeezy and Webbie showed up to lend their support.

Bun B was there, too.

2. According to Bun B, who spoke at the press conference, Boosie is like Nelson Mandela and Tupac.

3. Only a week after being released, Boosie has worked out a deal with Atlantic Records.

"Before I left I was signed to Trill. We're finna reconstruct this contract...Atlantic, they say they're going to push it." #boosiespeaks

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic)

4. He penned 1,108 songs in prison.


— Rembert Browne (@rembert)

5. One of those tracks was written for Justin Bieber.

"I got a hit for Justin Bieber." #boosiespeaks

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic)

6. Boosie believes his time in prison has made him a better rapper.

Audience Q&A is beginning. "I've got more stories to tell," Boosie says. "I'm a better artist and a better person." #boosiespeaks

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic)

7. He’s never used Twitter.

"I ain't tweet yet." #boosiespeaks

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic)

8. He should be able to travel for shows at the end of March.

Boosie should be able to travel by the last week of March #boosiespeaks

— Mikey Fresh (@MikeyFresh1)

9. He’ll be on parole until 2018. He has a female parole officer now, and he likes her.

Boosie really likes his new female PO #boosiespeaks

— Mikey Fresh (@MikeyFresh1)

10. He wasn’t allowed to have conjugal visits while in prison.

"No I was not getting conjugal visits. I 'visited' by myself, though. [laughs]" —Boosie #boosiespeaks

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic)

11. His rap game friends looked after him and his family while he was away.

“Webbie took my son fishing, I ain’t ever took my son fishing. Gotti looked out for me, Plies.”

12. For 20 months, he was on “23 hour and 45 minute” lockdown.

What did he do for the other 15 minutes? “Use the telephone.”

13. While locked up, he wrote a book and a movie.

“I wrote my own movie, Boosie the Movie. I’m probably gonna get my own money and do it myself. There ain’t no movie like this movie, this the real life story,” he said.

Basically, this was the best live stream of the day.

#boosiespeaks > #asksnowden

— Jon Caramanica (@joncaramanica)

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