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13 Things Thirtysomethings Are Tired Of Hearing

That is if we can, what with our hearing aids and all.

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1. "Do you even know what fun is?"

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OK, we may stop considering going to Coachella a good time, but that doesn't mean we stop having fun. Now "fun" equals a bottle of wine and a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity, followed by a respectable bed time.

2. "Sex is awful after your twenties."

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Actually, it is quite the opposite. We now know what we like and aren't afraid to ask for it, which is something most of us were to shy too do in our twenties.


3. "People in their thirties are tired all the time."

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Not all the time, just more than in our twenties since we work more and have more responsibilities. Plus, that is what coffee was made for.

4. "You're too old to like this music."


Look, we enjoy Lorde and Iggy Azalea just as much as anyone else, maybe more so. The only thing we don't like is dubstep, but that is only because we forget about the "drop" and it always scares us.

5. "Ugh, there goes your body."

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Your body will go to shit at any age if you don't take care of it. What is true is that more maintenance may be required now, since your metabolism isn't what it used to be. But that's what your new running club is for, right?

7. "Have you accomplished your goals?"

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Maybe yes, maybe no. At least we now know what goals are realistic and which ones aren't, which is something we could've used in our twenties.


8. "I bet your life is a breeze since you have more money now."

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Lololololololol. We may be smarter about money now, but most of us are far from ballin' and more likely bawlin'.

10. "You don't hang out with your single friends anymore since you're married/have kids." / Via

Yes, we may not want to go to bars every night, what with all our mortgages and play dates, but we still find time to hang with our single friends. Maybe not as much as we'd like to, but true friends don't worry about the amount of time spent together, it's about the quality of it.

11. "Your best days are behind you."


Uh, has anyone seen J. Lo or Gwen Stefani lately? They look great and are in their forties! So, yeah, we may not be at our peak but that is only because it maybe hasn't come yet.

13. "You probably really wish you could go back to your twenties."

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As amazing as this sounds, we don't. Although they are fun times to reminisce about, there is nothing that could make us want to go back to those jug wine-drinking, barely able to pay rent days. Well, except for the junk food, that is.


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