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Here's What The Cast Of "The Notebook" Looks Like Today


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Joan Allen (Anne Hamilton)

Fun fact: Before playing Allie's icy mother, Allen had already been nominated three times for an Academy Award — in 1995 (Nixon), 1996 (The Crucible), and in 2000 (The Contender).

Sam Shepard (Frank Calhoun)

Fun fact: According to his website, one of the reasons Shephard took the part of Noah's dad was, as he puts it, "I think the most important thing is the enduring nature of love, and it’s something I think in this time that we don’t really value much."

David Thornton (John Hamilton)

Fun fact: In the film, Thornton plays Allie's hoity-toity, Southern gentleman father, who may or may not be in a love-less marriage himself. In real life, however, Thornton has been happily married to pop legend Cyndi Lauper for 23 years.

Actor James Garner (Old Noah) was omitted due to his death earlier this year.