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    It's Been 15 Years Since "American Gangster" Was Released — Here's Where The Cast Is Now

    Spoiler alert: Denzel Washington is still killing it.

    How has it been a whole 15 years since American Gangster was first released?

    Screenshot from "American Ganster"

    Now, in honor of the film's anniversary, let's take a look at the cast then vs. now and see what else they have been up to...

    Here's Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas:

    Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas in American Gangster

    And here's Denzel in 2022:

    Denzel Washington attends "The Equalizer 3" photocall on October 19, 2022 in Atrani, Amalfi, Italy

    This is Russell Crowe as Richie Roberts:

    Russell Crowe as Richie Roberts in American Gangster

    And here he is a whole 15 years later:

    Russell Crowe at Rome Film Fest 2022.

    Josh Brolin played Detective Trupo:

    Josh Brolin as Detective Trupo in American Gangster

    And now he's rocking a gray beard:

    Josh Brolin at The Prime Experience premiere in 2022

    Here is Chiwetel Ejiofor as Huey Lucas:

    Chiwetel Ejiofor as Huey Lucas in American Gangster

    Now, Chiwetel Ejiofor looks like this:

    Chiwetel Ejiofor attends "The Woman King" UK Gala Screening at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on October 03, 2022

    And here's Lymari Nadal as Eva:

    Lymari Nadal as Eva in American Gangster

    Lymari Nadal went on to do a handful of other movie roles and adverts:

    Lymari Nadal starring in an advert for a volunteering charity

    This is Armand Assante as Dominic Cattano:

    Armand Assante as Dominic Cattano in American Gangster

    And here's Armand lately:

    Armand Assante in an interview in 2021

    Tip Harris, aka T.I., played Stevie Lucas:

    T.I. as Stevie Lucas in American Gangster

    And look at him 15 years later:

    TI at the Tip T.I. Harris & Friends event at Salsa Con Fuego on October 26, 2022

    Idris Elba starred as Tango:

    Idris Elba as Tango in American Gangster

    The actor is still going:

    Idris Elba attends the "BEAST" UK Special Screening at Hackney Picturehouse on August 24, 2022

    RZA took on the role of Moses Jones:

    RZA as Moses Jones in American Gangster

    Here he is performing in 2022:

    Rapper RZA of Wu-Tang Clan performs on stage on the final night of the "New York State of Mind Tour" at PETCO Park on October 06, 2022

    Here's Cuba Gooding Jr. as Nicky Barnes:

    Cuba Gooding Jr. as Nicky Barnes in American Gangster

    And here's what has been happening with Cuba Gooding Jr. as of late:

    Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. appears at the Manhattan Supreme Criminal Court for his trial in New York, United States

    This is Common as Turner Lucas:

    Common as Turner Lucas in American Gangster

    And here is Common lately:

    Common attends the annual charity day hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald and The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund in 2022

    And finally, here's Ted Levine as Lou Toback:

    Ted Levine as Lou Toback in American Gangster

    And here he is just last year:

    Ted Levine in Big Sky, 2021

    Are you surprised with what some of the cast have gone on to do?! Tell us in the comments!