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Holy Hell, This Olympic Water Polo Player Could Be Bradley Cooper's Twin

I'm seeing hot guy double.

You guys, this is Bradley Cooper.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

And this is Bradley Cooper's water polo-playing doppleganger, Tony Azevedo. He's on the US Olympics water polo team this year.

There's something of a resemblance there, no?

Getty Images

Here's Tony enjoying a huge casserole plate of fish.

And here's Bradley Cooper signing some autographs for a young fan at the Tony Awards.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

Basically the same dif, right?

Tony in a tux vs. Bradley in a tux.

Getty Images

Casual Tony vs. Casual Bradley.

Getty Images

Also, that's Tony's son Cruz, FYI.

Tony doing an almost naked photoshoot vs. Bradley doing an almost naked photoshoot.

W Magazine

Any way you slice it you CAN'T GO WRONG.


  1. Do you think this guy looks like Bradley Cooper or nah?

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Do you think this guy looks like Bradley Cooper or nah?
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    Yes, I see it.
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    Go home BuzzFeed, you're drunk.
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    I have a complicated relationship to Bradley Cooper and/or water polo which I will explain in the comments.

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