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Excuse Me, But Have You Seen How Hot The Men's Olympic Bobsled Team Is Yet?

Pls don't deny yourself this pleasure.

Friends and lovers, this glory right here is the US Men's Bobsled team.

And here they are again.

*Fans self wildly*

Would you like to meet these glorious beings?

And this is Hakeem Abdul-Saboor just ~casually~ posing shirtless in the woods.

Here's Codie Bascue really filling out those spandex.

This sexxxxaaay man is Chris Kinney.

Excuse me, this is what bobsledding did for Steven Langton's THIGHS.

And this is what bobsledding did for Sam McGuffie's shoulders.

Justin Olsen is the team pilot and he definitely warms things up.

Do you like cute dudes with beards? Same. Then you'll love Jimmy Reed.

How 'bout mustaches? Welcome to Carlo Valdes' world.

Excuse me, this s what America is all about. Beer, board shorts, and the washboard abs of Nate Weber.

Not sure what's going on here, kinda don't care bc Evan Weinstock is straight up adorable.

This here is the bald and beautiful Nick Cunningham.

And last but definitely not least, there's Lou Moreira, who might just be perfect.


And also:

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