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The Finnish Snowboarding Coach Knits While Coaching And It's Extremely Relatable

Knittin' and purlin' on the slopes.

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You know, we all have different ways of dealing with stress. For some, it's drugs or alcohol or high-stakes gambling (WHAT?), but for Finnish Olympic snowboarding coach Antti Koskinen, the key to de-stressing in the midst of Olympic anticipation is knitting.

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Koskinen's been caught repeatedly with yarn and needles in hand at the top of the snowboarding course, cheering on his athletes.

the finnish coach is knitting ahhakgjahk noora i love finland

Hey, maybe you wind down with wildly irresponsible spending. This guy? He's just friggin' making a scarf, OK?

The Finnish coach is KNITTING at the top of the slopestyle course. Someone please find out what this man is making!…

Believe it or not, Koskinen's knitting is nothing new. In 2014, the Olympic team actually made a blanket for Finnish President Sauli Niinistö's newborn son.

BRB, trying to emigrate to Finland.
Twitter: @olympicteamfl

BRB, trying to emigrate to Finland.

Knitters around the world were pretty stoked about it.

It was riveting in its own way.

Thinking about staying up to watch the second heat in #slopestyle so I can see if the Finnish coach is still knitting #snowboard #Olympics

And Finland was proud.

Oh yes, he is knitting again. 😃 #olympicteamfi #knittingteamfi

Everybody was basically like "WHAT THE HELL IS HE MAKING?"

The question everyone's asking at the Winter Olympics - what is Finnish snowboard coach Antti Koskinen knitting on…

Also, can I have it? (PS, this is Koskinen on the slopes at Sochi.)

Mostly, we were all really jealous of his calm, cool, collected ways.

the finnish coach is just standing at the top of the hill knitting and I am living for it

And despite the fact that none of his snowboarders qualified, he still managed to impress the crap out of us.


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