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Point: Guess What Cat Lovers, Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats And There's Nothing You Can Do About It


Dogs. Furry. Adorable. Man's best friend. Certainly not the brightest bulbs in the box though?


Well, ya wronnnng!


According to science, dogs are actually smarter than cats.

Please ignore this Science Dog that is definitely not a part of the dogs-are-smarter science conspiracy.

A group of researchers from Vanderbilt University wrote a paper that'll soon be published in the medical journal Frontiers in Neuroanatomy which found that dogs have way more cortical neurons than cats.

Researchers believe that the number of cortical neurons in the brain contributes to the richness and depth of an animal's intellect.

Cats have around 250 million cortical neurons, while dogs have nearly 530 million. In case you're wondering, humans have about 16 billion. / Via

Sadly, we don't get to ride around on Roombas, tho.

The paper also posits that the number of neurons an animal has doesn't at all correspond to size. For example, a brown bear, a raccon, and a cat all had abouuuut the same number of neurons.

So, to review, bear = cat = raccoon on the smarts scale. And dog over on the other side of the smarts mountain watching them all with disdain.

But maybe you're like, Science, IDC what you say. I still love my cat more than any dog, so shut your face. In that case, head on over to this CAT-DEFENDING ARTICLE RIGHT HERE that argues for cat smarts over dog smarts.

And take this very scientific poll, too:

  1. Do YOU believe dogs are smarter than cats?

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    No, cats are smarter, and all the science in the world won't convince me otherwise.

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