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19 BuzzFeed Quizzes You Should Take If You're Obsessed With All Things Style And Beauty

Get your life — and your closet — in order.

1. Who Is Your Style Icon?

2. We Know How You Should Style Your Hair

3. This Quiz Will Determine Your Wedding Ring Style

4. The Hardest Game Of “Would You Rather” For Makeup Addicts

5. How Terrible Is Your Taste In Lipstick?

6. You Can Only Wear Makeup If You Pass This Quiz

7. Can We Guess Your Natural Hair Color?

8. Only A Fashion Expert Can Get 15/20 On This Quiz

9. Only A True Beauty Addict Can Get 7 Out Of 10 On This Spelling Quiz

10. Your Taste In Men Will Reveal What Style Era You Really Belong In

11. Do You Actually Know What These Items Of Clothing Are Called?

12. Answer These Makeup Questions And We’ll Predict How Many Kids You’ll Have

13. Create a Stupid Outfit And We'll Guess Your Age

14. You’re Only Allowed To Wear Clothes If You Get 12/17 On This Quiz

15. Buy A Stupid-Expensive Outfit And We'll Guess If You're More Emotional Or Logical

16. Tell Us Your Favorite Foods And We’ll Tell You Which Lipstick Is Perfect For You

17. We’ll Tell You Which Mascara Goes Best With Your Crying Preferences

18. Pick An Outfit to Reveal Your Best Quality

19. Pick An Outfit From Eileen Fisher And We'll Tell You Where You Are In Life

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