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People Need To Stop Reminding Robert Irwin That His Father Is Dead Every Time He Posts A TikTok

Rob: "Who wants to hear something cool about animals?!" The public: "It's been 5,781 days since your father passed."

As you may already know, Aussie animal king and lover of all things wildlife-related Robert Irwin is officially active on TikTok.

And honestly, if you're ever having a bad day, I fully recommend that you hit him up for a serotonin boost. Every video is just *chef's kiss*. 

But what you may not have noticed is how every time Rob posts a quirky animal fact, or a zesty lil' educational video, the comment section absolutely explodes with an outpouring of grief for his late father, Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin.


TikTok user @sa99ymaggie summed it up best in this viral video, which has clocked up more than 4 million views:

In the short clip, Maggie deftly captures the entire mood of his comment section, saying: "Your dad is dead...and I miss him."

Maggie talking in her TikTok video

And look, I'm not here to police how people feel — Steve's death was a huge tragedy, and talking about him obviously brings great comfort to people. But if you think we're being overly dramatic about the state of his comment section, just check out this snapshot of sentiment:

A collage of comments mentioning Steve Irwin

In a fun twist of fate, while I was attempting to copy all these comments, I accidentally dropped one back on Rob's video...from our official BuzzFeed account. I've never slammed the delete button faster. 

So, apologies, Rob. I wasn't trying to rub more salt in the wound. 


In the comment section of Maggie's TikTok, users were quick to agree with her observation — calling the responses on Rob's videos straight-up traumatic:

A comment on Maggie's TikTok
A comment on Maggie's TikTok
A comment on Maggie's TikTok
A comment on Maggie's TikTok
A comment on Maggie's TikTok


It's one thing for the public to share their fond memories of Steve Irwin on a post that actually calls for it — say, this touching tribute from Rob for the recent American Father's Day:

But I just reckon that there's a time and place, so maybe hold off on the outpouring of grief when Rob's just enjoying some BMX riding, or enjoying a much-deserved holiday around Australia.

Or, you know, do whatever you want — I can't change you. Lord knows, the Irwin family is so wholesome and polite that they'd never make a fuss.

No matter where you fall on the debate, remember to always keep your comments respectful, kindhearted, and maybe a little less grief-laden?

But that's just me... I'm keen to hear your thoughts on the issue in the comments below!