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KFC Just Dropped A Giant Drumstick From A Helicopter And It's All My Dreams Come To Life

Petition for KFC to now land an extra large Zinger Box in my backyard.

Melbourne's weather may still be abysmal, but if there's one forecast we can all get around, it's the appearance of a giant KFC chicken drummy jettisoning through the sky.

The stunt took place 4,000 meters above sea level and saw a human-sized drumstick yeeted into a 6 metre tall Uber Eats bag — to celebrate KFC’s launch across the app.

Taking the scenic route down, this crispy piece of chicken soared past some of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks — from the MCG, to the Yarra River and even Federation Square. We love an efficient 'day trip to Melbourne' itinerary.

No word yet on whether this stunt will be followed up by a liberal downfall of the Colonel's gravy, but locals might like to strategically leave a bucket outdoors...just in case.

Unfortunately, we can't all run down and feast on the drummy barbarian-style, but you can get a taste of the good stuff from more than 500 KFC restaurants, now available on the Uber Eats app.