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If You've Been In A Relationship For Two Years, You Should Have Asked These 16 Questions By Now

Mysterious love is overrated — give me brutal honesty any day of the week.

1. Do you want children?


Honestly, the amount of couples I know who refuse to have this conversation after YEARS of dating is mind-boggling. Maybe you don't know your answer yet, or maybe you keep changing your mind — but it's all about communication, people. Don't be afraid to have the hard talks.

2. If so, how many?


Again, a necessary discussion point. Both you and your S.O. want kids? Great! But if you're all about that only-child life and your partner wants to recreate Cheaper by the Dozen, then you've got a bigger conversation on your hands.

3. Do you want to get married?


We're not living in the dark ages anymore — it's totally acceptable to cohabit with your partner, raise children with them and never feel it necessary to be joined in ~holy matrimony~. But if you fall firmly on either side of the question, do your relationship a favour and bring it up early.

4. What are your thoughts on monogamy?


Honestly, I'd recommend having this discussion within the first two weeks. Nice to know where you stand, ya know?

5. How do you manage your finances?

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Do you bounce from credit card to credit card? Do you stick to a regimented budget? Ask the tough questions — money should never be a taboo topic with your nearest and dearest.

6. And while we're on the topic, how much have you got saved?


After two years together, you should be aware of each other's savings habits. If you have any intention of staying in the relationship long-term, there's inevitably going to come a time when costs will need to be shared.

7. What's your relationship like with your family?

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Is your family more Malfoy or Weasley? Just ask the might explain a lot.

8. What are your thoughts on contraception?


Again, probably a discussion point that would be better tabled within the first two weeks. Condoms, the pill, an IUD? Pick your poison.

9. And by the way, when was your last STI check?

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Ain't nothing sexier than safe sex, my friends.

10. What's your relationship like with drugs and alcohol?


In this scenario, opposites rarely attract. Make sure you're on the same page, or you could end up like Liam and Miley (RIP).

11. Are there any illnesses that run in your family?


Is this a lil' grim? Sure. But better to find out sooner rather than later.

12. What are your thoughts on religion?


Do you identify as Catholic? Scientologist? Jedi? Or just a straight-up Antichrist?

13. What are your priorities in life?

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Career? Kids? Travel? Yourself? Don't underestimate the power of a simple priorities question.

14. Where do you see yourself in five years?


Sure, plans change, but if your S.O. has always dreamed of living stateside and you're busy shopping around Sydney's property market, you might have reached an impasse.

15. Where do you fall on important issues?


Racism, sexism, gender equality, environmentalism — if it matters to you, it should matter to your S.O.

16. And finally, do you see this relationship being long-term?


If you've made it to two years, that's a pretty great start. Here's to being in it for the long run.


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