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People In Japan Are Vacuuming Harmonicas And It Will Make You Feel So Alive

"If you don't like harmonica vacuum, I don't trust you."

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Sometimes, the internet in all its goodness grants us something we never knew we needed. Now it has given us this: a video of a harmonica being vacuumed.

It's delightful AF and just sounds like TADAAAA.

The video was posted by @CelloMetalgirl, a Twitter user in Japan, who said she "laughed to death" over it. It has been retweeted over 220,000 times.


Since then, tons of Twitter users in Japan have been sharing their harmonica vacuum videos.

話題のハーモニカ+掃除機をわすもやってみた。 3オクターブ分のドミソが鳴るから、そりゃぁ綺麗な和音になるわな。

It's triumphant! It's satisfying!

Have you ever felt so alive???


Wait, one more then I swear I'm done:

ご覧下さい ハーモニカを吸引した我が家の掃除機です。

OK bye.