17 Signs You’re Just Not That Into Relationships, As Told By The Grinch

Dr. Seuss’ beloved character totally gets you.

1. You value your alone time above all else.

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2. And you don’t feel comfortable with other people in your space.

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3. Having romantic feelings altogether is a foreign concept.

4. Because you’re usually a pro at finding dealbreakers.

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5. And letting someone in means a lot of big, confusing changes.

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6. Like having to spend hours planning what you’re wearing. On a DATE.

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7. And analyzing your attractiveness to a maddening degree.

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8. Dating also means actually leaving the house, which is always a struggle.

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9. And can lead to you examining your flaws more than ever before.

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10. And, of course, the greatest fear of all: rejection.

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11. Gushy romantic movies never feel realistic to you, anyway.

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12. And you are especially sensitive to the cheesiness of love.

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13. Sure, some days, you wouldn’t mind having a passionate fling.

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14. But you always feel like you’ll end up disappointed.

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15. Or, worse, end up a heartbroken alcoholic.

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16. So, for now, you’re totally loving doing things for yourself, no matter what anyone thinks.

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17. Because the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, and you’re doing just fine.

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