27 Disney Cartoons Paused At Exactly The Right Moment

Even Flynn Rider has his bad days.

1. When Ariel loved Eric no matter what he looked like.

Disney / Via tampire.tumblr.com

2. When Kim Possible and her cheer squad had an off day.

3. When Jessie’s drunken behavior made Buzz very concerned.

Pixar / Via buebo.tumblr.com

4. When Sven found some grass, even in winter.

5. When Hercules showed Meg some much deserved sass.

Disney / Via screencaps.us

6. When Gaston briefly experimented with BDSM.

7. When Merida turned into Cousin Itt.

8. When Stitch became a menace to faces everywhere.

Disney / Via tsughi.tumblr.com

9. When Ariel had embarrassingly webbed feet.

Disney / Via randar.com

10. When Tod got waaaay too excited about close contact with a woman.

11. When Prince Adam had a horrifying neckbeard he didn’t want you to know about.

12. When Aladdin parted ways with his killer cheekbones.

Disney / Via derpney.tumblr.com

13. When Hans and Anna made the PG rating very dubious.

Disney / Via screencaps.us

14. When Tarzan finally got his wisdom teeth taken out.

15. When Aladdin went to his first rave and went crazy with the glowsticks.

Disney / Via screencaps.us

16. When the Grand Duke and Footman had an intimate moment.

Disney / Via derpney.tumblr.com

17. When Flynn Rider looked a little caveman-ish.

18. And generally just wasn’t feeling like himself.

Disney / Via pinterest.com

19. When Kuzco looked JUST like Beavis and Butthead.

Disney / Via screencaps.us

20. When Hercules got into a weird orgy with some seriously bug-eyed ladies.

Disney / Via saquya.tumblr.com

21. When a hairy, uneven-footed monster was born.

22. When Gaston struck this classic pose:

23. When Aladdin accidentally broke every bone in his body.

Disney / Via derpney.tumblr.com

24. When Hades got inappropriately sensual.

25. When Ariel and Eric looked like members of The Sopranos.

26. When Charlotte La Bouff had a fleeting moment of unattractiveness.

27. And when Anna gave a punch that completely defied the laws of physics.

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