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#WhatLatinoMeansToMe: This Is How Latinos In America Actually Identify

Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off Sept. 15 and this is how dozens of Latinos across the country self-identify and answer the question: #WhatLatinoMeansToMe.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, instead of tired attempts to lump together such a diverse community from many different backgrounds, we thought it would be great to see Latinos across the country self-identify, let us know where they come from and what their culture means to them.

1. Chloe Santos, Puerto Rican, 10, Harlem, NY.

2. Julio Salgado, Mexicano, Berkeley, California.

3. Rosario Dawson in San Antonio, Texas.

4. Eugenio Herrera, 46, Mexicano, Harlem, NY.

5. Edith Valle, 20, Mexican-American, San Antonio, Texas.

6. Micah Singleton, Knoxville, Tennessee.

7. Leo, Brazilan/ Ecuadorian, Los Angeles.

8. Jessica, Mexican, Los Angeles.

9. Genesis Rodriguez, Cuban/Venezuelan, Miami, Florida.

10. Porfiria Suarez, Mexicana, Harlem, NY.

11. Kimberly Ibarra, 19, Mexican, Laredo, Texas.

12. Gina Rodriguez, Puerto Rican, Los Angeles.

13. Sara Ines-Calderon, Austin, Texas.

14. Sandra Garcia, Dominicana, New York City.

15. Denise Moreno, 22, Mexican, Houston, Texas.

16. J. Balvin, Colombian, New York City.

17. Katrina Arsola, 24, Chicana, San Antonio, Texas.

18. Kelly, Salvadoran, Los Angeles.

19. Maria, Guatemalan/Mayan, Los Angeles.

20. Viannca Velez, 26, Puerto Rican/Latina, New Jersey.

21. Julian Alcazar, Latino/Mexican, Washington D.C.

22. Kim, Mexican/Puerto-Rican, Los Angeles.

23. Diane, Guatemalan, Los Angeles.

24. Maria Rubio, 27, Salvadoran, Harlem, NY.

25. Abigail, Mexican, Los Angeles.

26. Ryan Ibarra, 24, San Antonio, Texas.

27. Cynthia Amaya, 22, Mexican-American, El Paso, Texas.

28. Maty Herrera, 46, Mexicana, Harlem, NY.

29. Ana Cardona, 20, Chicana/Mexicana, Texas A&M University.

30. Gabriel Caro, Puerto Rican, Massachusetts.

31. Franceska Medina, 21, Boricua, Harlem, NY.

32. Caroline Arroyo, 24, Latina/Puerto Rican & Colombian, San Antonio, Texas.

33. Sylvia Guevara, 21, Chicana, San Antonio, Texas.

34. Christian, Mexican, Los Angeles.

35. Juan Vazquez, 26, Colombiano/Latino, San Antonio, Texas.

36. Maria Samaniego, Latina, Mexican, Panamanian, American.

37. Yolanda, Salvadoran, Los Angeles.

38. Adiel Polanco Tejada, 20, Dominicano, Harlem, NY.

39. Emilio Rizzo, 61, Harlem, NY.

40. Jesus, Mexican, Los Angeles.

41. Angel, Mexican, Los Angeles.

42. Michelle Hernandez, 32, Hispanic, San Antonio.

43. Migna Rodriguez, Nuyorican, Harlem, NY.

44. Johana Carrizales, 20, St. Edwards University.

45. Krystalee Torrens, 19, Boricua, Harlem, NY.

46. Jonathan, Mexican, Los Angeles.

47. Margarita Ayala, 64, Mexicana, Harlem, NY.

48. Crystal DeLeon, 19, Spanish, San Antonio, Texas.

49. Oscar Santos, 39, Puerto Rican, Harlem, NY.

50. Josie Gutierrez, 46, San Antonio, Texas.

51. Alex, Mexican, Los Angeles.

52. Mariana Zamora, 19, Latina, San Antonio, Texas.

53. Rodrigo, Salvadoran, Los Angeles.

54. Andrea Madeleine Medina, 21, Mexican-American from San Antonio, Texas.

55. Ivette Davila-Richards, Puerto Rican, New York City.

56. Priscilla Gonzalez, 26, Dominican/Puerto Rican/New Yorker, Harlem, NY.

57. Karina Saucedo, 20, Mexican-American, San Antonio, Texas.

58. Daniel, Mexican/ Argentine, Los Angeles.

59. Alana Zamora, 19, Hispanic, San Antonio, Texas.

60. I'm Jose Luis Maldonado, Puerto Rican, from Connecticut.

61. Gustavo Arellano, Latino/Chicano/Mexican-American, Orange County, California.

Gustavo's full comment.