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#WhatLatinoMeansToMe: This Is How Latinos In America Actually Identify

Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off Sept. 15 and this is how dozens of Latinos across the country self-identify and answer the question: #WhatLatinoMeansToMe.

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This Hispanic Heritage Month, instead of tired attempts to lump together such a diverse community from many different backgrounds, we thought it would be great to see Latinos across the country self-identify, let us know where they come from and what their culture means to them.


3. Rosario Dawson in San Antonio, Texas.

Jessica Reeves/Voto Latino

"I am an earthling. That means culture, experience, diversity, uniqueness, possibility! We are all one beautiful family!"

4. Eugenio Herrera, 46, Mexicano, Harlem, NY.

Julia Furlan / BuzzFeed

"Soy de origen Mexicano. Ser Latino es un ORGULLO. Compartimos una hermandad con una cultura muy rica."

"I am of Mexican origin. I'm proud to be Latino. We share a brotherhood with a very rich culture."


20. Viannca Velez, 26, Puerto Rican/Latina, New Jersey.

Adrian Carrasquillo/BuzzFeed

"Latina, with Taíno blood + African raices + a plethora of other cultures all wrapped up as me."


24. Maria Rubio, 27, Salvadoran, Harlem, NY.

Julia Furlan / BuzzFeed

"For me it's an immense pride being Salavadoran. I love my country and I love being part of the Latino family. I love the food, the culture, it all makes me proud of my race."

31. Franceska Medina, 21, Boricua, Harlem, NY.

Julia Furlan / BuzzFeed

"Latino means to me different and happy people who are happy with themselves in and out. No matter how different we are in looks or color."

37. Yolanda, Salvadoran, Los Angeles.

Macey J. Foronda/ BuzzFeed

"Very proud because Latinos came from hardworking background. I would never be ashamed of being Latino. That's all." :)

38. Adiel Polanco Tejada, 20, Dominicano, Harlem, NY.

Julia Furlan / BuzzFeed

"Soy Dominicano. Ser Latino es un orgullo por que son todos de un mismo sentir."

I'm Dominican. I'm proud to be Latino because we are of the same mind.

54. Andrea Madeleine Medina, 21, Mexican-American from San Antonio, Texas.

Adrian Carrasquillo/BuzzFeed

"I am Mexican-American. My culture influences my art & my sense of humor."

55. Ivette Davila-Richards, Puerto Rican, New York City.

Ivette Davila-Richards

"I am Puerto Rican! As a Hispanic I embrace my Spanish language; culture; music; history and its cuisine. By Honoring it daily, I let others know about it. If I succeed, so do they!"

60. I'm Jose Luis Maldonado, Puerto Rican, from Connecticut.

Adrian Carrasquillo/BuzzFeed

"Being Boricua is having a strong sense of pride. In culture always follow your DREAMS!!!"

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