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Scientists Find Cause Of Rosacea, And It's Terrifying

The bad news: Dead mites are spilling their junk onto your face. But this new discovery may lead to more treatments. Science!

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More than 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea, a non-threatening disease that leaves the skin on your face inflamed and reddened. Rosacea is a fairly common ailment — Bill Clinton, Prince Charles and his sons WIlliam and Harry are said to have it.

According to Today, scientists have found what they believe is the cause of rosacea: mites!

As if mites weren't creepy enough, the rosacea-causing mites spend their days inside your sweat glands, harboring bacteria that spills out of their sick little mite carcasses when they die. Enough dead mites releasing enough bacteria into your glands and you have rosacea.

Kevin Kavanagh, a researcher at the National University of Ireland, explains:

"It is interesting to note that [the mites] do not have an anus and therefore all their waste is stored until they die and then it is released in one go."

THE GOOD NEWS: Discovering the cause may help scientists develop a cure. Researchers even told Today that dietary changes can help. So grab a fat-free yogurt and try not to think about those bugs shitting into your sweat glands all night. Plenty of people like Prince Harry's rosy cheeks.