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LeBron James Loves "The Hunger Games"

LeBron was caught reading the best-seller before yesterday's Game 4 against Indiana. This calls for an investigation.

How LeBron James Reads The Hunger Games:

• Rooting for Cato and District 1 to stomp on those losers from District 12.

• Using the Gale/Peeta/Katniss triangle to explain his leaving Cleveland. ("That was just a Gale city. I'm more of a Peeta girldude.")

• Looking for new derisive nicknames to call Chris Bosh behind his back. ("Foxface" didn't work great, but "Effie Trinket" and "Glimmer" seem to have legs.)

• Hoping to learn about the details of Archery so he can compete in two sports at the Summer Olympics.

• Falling so deeply in love with Katniss that it'll make both his fiancé and Jennifer Lawrence uncomfortable.

• Trying to find if any of the magic creams Haymitch sends in to Katniss can restore a hairline.

• Quickly. Little known fact, LeBron's a speed reader.