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    Alicia Silverstone Celebrated The 26th Anniversary Of "Clueless" In The Funniest Way

    "What's up, Daddy?"

    I can’t believe it’s been 26 years since Clueless first premiered in theaters.

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    In honor of the film’s anniversary, Alicia Silverstone re-created one of the movie’s iconic scenes where her character wears a dress that her father doesn’t approve of.

    Silverstone enlisted the help of her son, Bear — who played her father — and together they made her 1.6 million Instagram followers laugh from nostalgia.

    “Cher, get in here,” Bear told his mom while lip-synching to the actual audio from the clip.

    “What’s up, Daddy?” Silverstone mouthed back.

    “What the hell is that?” Bear said before Silverstone responded, “A dress!”

    “Says who?” he asked.

    “Calvin Klein,” Silverstone adorably said.

    “It looks like underwear,” Bear laughed.

    In the clip, Silverstone threw on a loose-fitting white dress, which is very different from the skin-tight outfit she wore in the movie.

    Her son also wore a suit that was way too big for him, but that just made the scene even funnier.

    “Today marks 26 years since #Clueless premiered!” Silverstone captioned the Instagram clip, and added, “What’s up daddy?! 😂.”

    Out of all the ways that Silverstone has paid homage to Clueless, this one was definitely the best.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

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