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    Pedro Pascal Told Steven Yeun About The Time He Found “A Big Glob Of Saliva” On His Car Window

    The two actors discussed scary road rage incidents in a recent interview.

    If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about road rage, it’s Steven Yeun.

    Steven smiles on the red carpet. He's wearing a casual shirt and jacket, as well as eyeglasses

    The actor stars in Netflix’s dark comedy TV series Beef, which chronicles two strangers (played by Steven and Ali Wong) whose lives go awry after a road rage incident.

    A beat-up Steven and Ali checking their phones for service out in the middle of nowhere

    Given the show's success, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Steven is apparently hearing road rage stories from everyone now…including Pedro Pascal.

    The two actors participated in Variety’s Actors on Actors series, and their interview dropped on Monday. Steven was there to represent Beef, while Pedro came to discuss his work on HBO’s The Last of Us.

    Pedro with his arm around Steven as they take a photo for their interview

    Their conversation was wide-ranging, but one moment that stood out was Pedro telling Steven about a particularly “scary” road rage incident he’d had the day prior.

    “How many people have been telling you their road rage stories? Because I have one,” Pedro asked, before admitting the incident was his fault.

    “I’ve had, like, three kind of incidents in the last couple of months. They’ve all been my fault,” he continued.

    As he tells it, Pedro (who was driving with his sister in the passenger’s seat) cut a driver off “to get out of their way” and into a left turn lane. This prompted the driver to lay on the horn before a shocking event occurred.

    “I hear her go, ‘Oh my god,’” Pedro says of his sister. “I look over, and there is a big glob of saliva…like visual effects put it there, man. Just dripping down the side of the passenger window.”

    After Steven asked how he responded, Pedro said he was in shock and felt he’d crossed a line.

    “It absolutely kind of humbled me and shocked me. Scared me a little bit [and] disturbed me. Didn’t make me angry,” he said.

    Steven, ever the thoughtful man, wondered if the driver was subconsciously trying to connect with Pedro, which prompted the actor to laugh and say, “They want me to drink their saliva.”

    “It made me feel guilty,” he said. “Gosh, people are going through shit."

    Steven also had a road rage incident the previous day. He was flipped off, just like his character in Beef.

    "It was a crazy day," he said.

    Fortunately, it seemed like Steven and Pedro were both having a better day during their interview, where they quickly brought the conversation from spit back to Beef and The Last of Us. You can check out the full interview below:

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