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10 Best Pixar Shorts

I will never know how Pixar can make me cry in under 10 minutes. But I've ranked my faves.

jordynrochwerg 10 months ago

10 Best Jonas Brothers Songs

So if you live under a rock then you probably haven't heard that the Jonas Brothers are REUNITING AND DROPPING A SINGLE TONIGHT. Big day. In honour of, here are my top 10 fave songs (NOT including Camp Rock, because... well duh, this would be a whole different list). Also I'd like to give a shoutout to "Make A Wave" and "Who I Am" but I'm not sure those count as full band JB songs.

jordynrochwerg 11 months ago

10 Best Best Picture Winners

In honour of the Academy Awards tomorrow, here's a post of my top 10 favourite best picture winners! There have been a total of 90 winners as of 2018 :o

jordynrochwerg 11 months ago

20 Best Rom-Coms

OKAY. So I tried to pick 10 from my list of like 100, but I couldn't so here's my top 20.

jordynrochwerg 11 months ago

10 Best Movie Soundtracks

If you get all your music from movie soundtracks then you’re probably a film studies student like me! Here are my top 10 best movie soundtracks (that aren't musicals!)

jordynrochwerg 11 months ago

10 Best Adam Sandler Movies

Adam Sandler has quite the oeuvre of work. Naturally, I decided to rank my top 10 faves! Take a look and let me know which ones you like best πŸ™‚

jordynrochwerg 11 months ago