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    My Favourite Movies From 2020

    I saw 47 movies in 2020. Here they are ranked.

    1. Palm Springs

    Palm Springs was my favourite movie of 2020. It was funny, it was wholesome, it was unpredictable. A wild and fun ride for sure.

    2. Onward

    Onward was SO CUTE. I love a good buddy road movie especially with siblings as I have my own. I also just love anything magical and this definitely lived up.

    3. Soul

    Another Pixar SHOCKER. Pixar just gets me. This one gave me an existential crisis but somehow I still loved it. Koodos to Soul.

    4. Hamilton

    I saw Hamilton nine times when I was Ushering for the touring company. But it was really cool and SATISFYING to watch with the original cast. Every time I watch it, my appreciation deepens.

    5. Borat: Subsequent Movie Film

    This was the mindless comedy I needed in 2020. It just made me laugh and forget about anything bad. Loved it for sure.

    6. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

    This movie was a wild trip. Half of the time I was like "what am I watching???" But that added to the experience. I love Will Ferrell.

    7. Enola Holmes

    This was so fun! I loved it. This movie was suspenseful and made me laugh and was beautiful to watch. Really great acting too. Super fun!

    8. The Trial of the Chicago 7

    This movie was phenomenally done. The acting. the cinematography. The WRITING of course. Loved it so much. Everything was just very well done.

    9. Scoob!

    I am a Scooby Doo girl at heart. I grew up with these characters, as many people did and this movie was just fun to watch. Soundtrack was randomly bangin.

    10. Godmothered

    Super cute "Enchanted"-esque movie! I loved the characters and the story. It was very wholesome to watch! Jillian Bell always makes me laugh.

    11. Over the Moon

    This movie was SO FUN and wonderful. It had the cutest characters and songs. It was so colourful and cute! I loved this one so much.

    12. Love, Wedding, Repeat

    This movie did not go where I was expecting it to. I thought it would be a cute rom-com about a wedding and here I am thrown back and forth in time. It kept me on my toes! A fun watch for sure.

    13. Jingle Jangle

    This movie is the definition of Christmas joy. It was full of love, laughter and song. The music and musical numbers were amazing! The characters and story were compelling. It was very very very cute and warmed my Jewish heart.

    14. Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

    This movie was phenomenally done. The acting was insane. Chadwick Boseman's monologue was so emotional. This whole movie was short and sweet and perfect. Very interesting from end to end.

    15. The Prom

    The Prom was FUN. Definitely a colourful journey. Songs were fun, dialogue was fun, acting was fun. This whole thing was just entertainment and spectacle and it made me smile.

    16. The Princess Switch: Switched Again

    This was cheesy and funny and made me laugh. Koodos to Vanessa Hudgens for playing 3 distinct characters. Girl has skill.

    17. Mank

    So well done! The acting, the story, the directing. It really came together well. Cool movie for sure.

    18. Superintelligence

    This movie was funny and had a cool premise but the ending was like excuse me? What? Melissa McCarthy can breathe and I'll laugh.

    19. The Witches

    I actually liked this movie. I didn't hate it. The rats made me laugh. The story was cute. It was just a fun ride overall. Yeah...

    20. An American Pickle

    An American Pickle made me laugh. The concept was great. The beginning was great. Towards the end I was like ummmmm??? And some parts were boring. But I still liked it over all.

    21. Rebecca

    Netflix / CNS photo/Netflix

    Rebecca had me on the edge of my seat. Very well done and beautiful to look at. Cool movie for sure.

    22. Desperados

    Again, mindless comedy that I loved and needed in 2020. Made me laugh for sure. Cute and predictable.

    23. Mulan

    Obviously, compared to the original, this doesn't even come close. But as a movie by itself, I thought it was pretty good. Stunning to watch. Every shot was like a painting. But I did miss Shang and Mushu.

    24. On the Rocks

    A very simple and sweet movie. Sometimes slow to watch but it had it's charm. I love Rashida and Bill and they were cute as father daughter.

    25. The One and Only Jewish Miss America

    Hand-out / David Arond

    Great documentary about the only Jewish Miss America. Interesting to watch and very well done!

    26. The Lovebirds

    Funny mindless comedy again! I love when couples find themselves in life-threatening situations. How is this a genre?

    27. Happiest Season

    Very cute movie! I felt like the plot was very predictable but still very fun to watch. Characters were a little annoying, but still fun.

    28. The Christmas Chronicles 2

    Very cute Christmas movie. I love all Christmas movies that show me the North Pole because that just feels like magic. I love this cast too.

    29. The Midnight Sky

    George Clooney did a great job in this movie. It definitely took me a while to get into but worth it for sure. That was a cool ending and I was invested.

    30. Hillbilly Elegy

    Contrary to popular opinion, I actually enjoyed this movie. I thought the acting was great and the story was interesting. I was invested! Dunno what all the hate was about.

    31. The Holidate

    Okay I did enjoy this movie, just maybe not as much as other people. The dialogue was too cringe to look past. The characters were also all selfish assholes but that was also part of it's charm? Anyways I thought it was fun.

    32. To All the Boys I've Loved Before: P.S. I Still Love You

    I don't even remember what happened in this movie but I remember liking it. Cute mindless fun. Love those two boys too.

    33. The Kissing Booth 2

    Again, don't really remember what happened, but it was a fun ride. This girl has way too many boys falling for her based on the number of embarrassing things she does.

    34. Work It

    This movie was Pitch Perfect. But dancing.

    35. The Willoughbys

    This movie made me feel like I was on acid. So many random plots and subplots and characters and decision making. Like what happened and why??

    36. Death to 2020

    This was a funny mockumentary. Maybe a little too soon. But very funny and very accurate.

    37. The One and Only Ivan

    Very cute and fun movie! I actually liked this one. The CGI was cool and the animals looked cute. Story was wholesome but that's about it.

    38. Love, Guaranteed

    Gotta love a good mindless rom-com. But there's no way that man went on 1000 dates and came out okay.

    39. Downhill

    I had high expectations for this movie and it just made me sad. Well done though. Some parts made me laugh.

    40. Dolly Parton's Christmas on the Square

    This movie was like a bad dramatic soap opera set to music and with fake snow. I think the only redeeming part is Christine Baranski. Love her.

    41. Operation Christmas Drop

    I barely remember what happens in this movie other than a power imbalance filled with sexual tension.

    42. The Kid Detective

    Barely remember what happened in this too. The movie made me sad overall. Had a cool concept though and was well done.

    43. Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine

    I thought this would make me laugh but it kind of frightened me. It was weirdly aggressive.

    44. The Devil All the Time

    This was a cool movie and was well done but I was so confused and was watching with my full attention. I was definitely terrified too. The ending was cool though but there was so much going on.

    45. The King of Staten Island

    I had higher expectations for this movie. I wanted it to be funny but it was just about a sad Pete Davidson who has no career ambitions and just does drugs all day, which is pretty much all he talks about in his stand up and on social media anyways so I wanted to see him write something funny and not really about him, but it was about him.

    46. The Boys in the Band

    The acting in this movie was phenomenal, but it should very much stay as a play. I found myself bored at times. I would have loved to see this on stage though.

    47. The Social Dilemma

    I thought this was well done and pointed out some very interesting facts, but personally I wasn't freaked out like the rest of the world because I don't find myself addicted to scrolling. Scrolling is a waste of time and I like to be productive.

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