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    My Favourite Movies From 2019

    I saw 36 movies that came out in 2019. Here they are ranked in order of how much I enjoyed them.

    36. Midsommar

    I'm sorry if you loved this movie. It nauseated me.

    35. The Lighthouse

    Went in thinking I was gonna watch the Joker, left thinking I was coming down from an acid trip.

    34. Guest of Honour

    K. This movie wasn't bad. I was just a little bored :/

    33. Otherhood

    Entertaining movie for a demographic that is not 22 year old girl. As some (and by some I mean "I") would call it, "a Rachel Pick" @rachel that is for you.

    32. The Laundromat

    Meryl slayed. Love that woman. Wish the movie was a bit easier to follow and the narrators didn't have thick accents that I couldn't understand.

    31. The Silence

    Weird hybrid film of Birdbox and A Quiet Place. Stanley Tucci is an underrated DILF and no one can say otherwise. A little late to the weird apocalyptic monster game but nice try.

    30. Someone Great

    K. This movie had a lot of potential, loved the cast, loved the jokes, but I was a little busy with something else while the movie was playing so I missed like half of it. Seemed funny though.

    29. The Hustle

    Again, so much potential! Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway - ma GURLS. But it was so cringe. Like everything felt forced and also why did Anne have to have an accent? That was unnecessary and unfortunate.

    28. Murder Mystery

    I actually enjoyed this movie but for the life of me, I can't remember what happens.

    27. Paradise Hills

    I take it back. This movie was an acid trip. But I was weirdly into it.

    26. Always Be My Maybe

    Cute movie. Ally Wong kills me. And surprisingly Keanu Reeves made me LOL out loud.

    25. Tolkien

    I was intrigued by this movie. Nicholas Hoult did a good job. That is all.

    24. Toy Story 4

    This movie didn't need to happen, but it was a fun journey and had a super cute super sweet ending!

    23. Captain Marvel

    This movie was fun! Girl power! Can't remember what the plot was (again whoops) but I remember the ending - SURPRISE. lol

    22. Holiday in the Wild

    This movie was actually cute. It's a super fun movie to watch on a girls night and gawk at Rob Lowe. The choices that Kristin Davis makes are most definitely questionable but I'm here for it.

    21. Let it Snow

    K. SO. I'm watching this movie and 20 minutes in, I start thinking "wait, I know what's about to happen." and then I think "that's impossible, this movie came out today." and then I think "huh, I read a book where a train got stuck in the snow. What was that called? OH. LET IT SNOW" I had read the friggen book and I forgot. Dumb. It was still cute though.

    20. Downton Abbey

    It was so nice to see the Downton family reunite one last time to welcome the queen. Loved it! And absolutely love that Jim Carter and Imelda Staunton got to do this movie together.

    19. Judy

    Renée Zellweger. BRAVO. Wow. I was not expecting to cry throughout the entire film but that's exactly what happened. That tear-jerker Somewhere Over the Rainbow killed me.

    18. Avengers: Endgame

    Wow. What a movie. Action and exhilaration. All of the actors in Hollywood in one place and one time. Cool. Also epic ending. Sad. Lots happening.

    17. The Art of Racing in the Rain

    Another cute movie to watch with friends. Super cheesey. Super predictable. But very sweet. I could watch Milo hang out with a golden retriever puppy all day. ALL DAY.

    16. Aladdin

    This was surprisingly really good! I went in with really low expectations and was impressed. Will Smith was surprisingly funny and Nasim Pedrad killed is as per usual. Feel good Disney flick.

    15. Detective Pikachu

    I was surprised that I actually enjoyed this as well. Ryan Reynolds made a hilarious Pikachu and I didn't know where the plot was going so kudos. That ending though :O

    14. Lion King

    I actually thought this movie was VERY well done. It was like watching a National Geographic documentary. I found it less colourful than the original. Like "I Just Can't Wait to be King" should be colourful and not just look like dessert sand. Also the characters can't show emotion unless they have eyebrows. So that was different.

    13. Jumanji: the Next Level

    This made me laugh OUT LOUD. Jack Black did a PHENOMENAL job playing both a teenage black guy and a teenage white girl. Kevin Hart also did a phenomenal job - his delivery was amazing. Also the Rock and Awkwafina did a great Danny Devito

    12. Parasite

    This movie had me on the EDGE OF MY SEAT. Wow. Very well done. Everyone should watch it. Don't really want to give anything away.

    11. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    I think this might be my favourite Tarantino of all time. Really entertaining. Leo was phenomenal. I was waiting for the violence and then BANG Tarantino delivered.

    10. Good Boys

    This actually made me laugh out loud. Mostly because I am Lucas and he is me and that is all.

    9. Frozen II

    HIGHLY impressed. I thought they would be banking on the success of the first movie. But I thought Frozen II was very self-aware in terms of it's reputation and style. AND it was a completely new plot that was actually interesting!

    8. Spider-Man: Far From Home

    This was so good I watched it TWICE. I loved the plot but I BEEN KNEW that Jake Gyllenhaal was EVIL. I knew.

    7. Hustlers

    Entertained from start to finish. Loved the cast, loved the plot, loved the music, loved the costumes, loved the dancing. I loved it all and JLO was great.

    6. Booksmart

    THIS WAS FUNNY. Good job Olivia Wilde. Good job. And also Gigi is lyfe. Everything she did was hysterical. This movie gave me all the emotions.

    5. Rocketman

    This movie was HIGHLY anticipated and DELIVERED. Taron was great. Music was great. But I think it can be agreed that Bernie Taupin was the real MVP.

    4. Noelle

    SO CUTE. I love a good Christmas movie. And this one was cute and funny! Snowball the reindeer stole the show. Anna Kendrick's delivery was stupendous. It was the feel good flick I needed.

    3. Peanut Butter Falcon

    OKAY. What don't I have to say about this movie. It made me laugh, it made me cry (in theory). It was just so wholesome and gave me hope in life and in filmmaking. I actually can't stop talking about this movie.

    2. Jojo Rabbit

    Lots to say about this movie as well! I know it was controversial but I think this movie needed to happen. Taika Waititi took a very touchy subject and handled it with such care. It was perfectly executed and handled. It was funny and educational. It was the movie we needed to keep the conversation going to make sure no one forgets what happened.

    1. Yesterday

    Last, but not least. My favourite movie from 2019. It just made my heart feel whole and I don't know how else to explain it. I love the Beatles. I love the music. I love the story. I love the cast. It just made me feel happy.

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