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    Guess Which Superhero Tony Danza Would Like To Play?

    The Who's the Boss actor says he grew up reading comics. And, he's a bit of a purist.

    Forget the boss; Tony Danza really wants to be The Flash.

    The veteran TV star was in midtown Manhattan on Tuesday evening to take in a private screening of The Great Gatsby, but with summer movie season officially open, the conversation quickly switched from classic to comic books.

    If he could play one superhero on the big screen, Danza told BuzzFeed, it would be The Flash. Why? Simple: "He's fast."

    And yet, Danza says he doesn't like to go see the many modern, blockbuster adaptations released every summer, preferring instead the story lines he treasured as a kid. In that way, he sympathizes with the hardcore fans who get upset when movies reshape and even discard decades of origin stories and plots.

    "A lot of us that were fans during that time, you'd wait for the comic book to come out and you'd go to the candy store and the guy would say, 'It's not here yet!'" Danza remembered with a smile. "They're important. I think in a lot of ways, reading comic books — I read a lot of DC comic books, I used to like the Justice League, all the stuff that's really hitting now — it was an interesting bit of literature. It really was."

    Nodding at the one-sheet advertising of the F. Scott Fitzgerald adaptation he was about to see, Danza added, "I know it's not The Great Gatsby, but it really was a bit of literature, and it was graphic, you could see it, you could picture it. I think it's important."