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    The Sequel To "The Trip" Brings More Amazing Michael Caine Impressions

    Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon are back on the road — this time, in Italy — and in an exclusive clip they revive one of the best bits from their first hit.

    The largely improvised travelogue The Trip proved to be a surprise hit when it was released in the U.S. in 2011 after being edited down to a feature film from the six-episode BBC TV series where the project began.

    Directed by Michael Winterbottom, the movie featured two of Britain's top comic actors, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, playing fictionalized versions of themselves on a road trip throughout the north of England, ostensibly to write some articles for a newspaper. They ate, laughed, and bickered, especially about Brydon's endless string of celebrity impressions, which eternally annoyed Coogan. It all came to a head with some dueling Michael Caine impressions that have earned well over 2 million views on YouTube.

    Now, Coogan, Brydon, Winterbottom, and Co. have returned for another voyage, this one through ancient Mediterranean splendor. The Trip to Italy debuted on Monday at the Sundance Film Festival, and fans of the first installment will be pleased to know that the Michael Caine bit is back...and even more expansive.

    This time, as you can see in the exclusive clip below, viewers are treated to a long exchange that highlights Coogan and Brydon's impressions of all the voices in The Dark Knight Rises.

    They might want to be on the lookout for Christian Bale and Tom Hardy.