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21 Misconceptions Southerners Want To Clear Up Right Now

Bless their hearts.

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most annoying misconceptions about Southerners. Here's what they had to say.

1. For some unknown reason, some people believe that everyone in the South is uneducated and ignorant.

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—Alex Rende, Facebook

2. And they think that just because you might speak slowly means you also think slowly.


"We're just giving you time to catch up!" 😉

—Tonya Hicks, Facebook

3. On that note, your Southern accent has NOTHING to do with your intelligence.


—Janine Estrella, Facebook

4. People tend to think that all Southerners are Republicans, while, in fact, people of all political persuasions call the South home.

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—Bonnie Cleveland, Facebook

5. And, sadly, some people suggest that everyone from the South is racist and homophobic.

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—Alex Rende, Facebook

6. If you're a guy, people think you're either a farmer or a cowboy...


—Emily Baker, Facebook

7. ...and if you're a girl, people think you're either Scarlett O'Hara or Daisy Duke.

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—Laila Razmyar, Facebook

8. While it's fun to think so, not everyone sounds like Paula Deen.



9. And not everyone is a Bible-thumper either.


The South is home to people of all religious beliefs.


10. As crazy as it sounds, people have actually asked if you rode a horse to school.


And you didn't even know how to respond.


11. And other people think Southerners drive pick-ups and tractors EXCLUSIVELY.

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—Danielle Mumpower, Facebook

12. Frustratingly, some people believe Southerners to be deprived of culture, never mind the fact that the South is the birthplace of tons of great music and literature.


—Kali Meister, Facebook

13. Contrary to popular belief, Southerners are not all hillbillies and rednecks...


—Caiti Kitchens, Facebook

14. ...and they aren't constantly running around barefoot in overalls.


—Marissa Headrick, Facebook

15. While many Southerners love spending time outdoors, not everyone loves to hunt and fish.



16. Seriously, people make so many assumptions about Southerners: for example, that your diet is only fried chicken and sweet tea.


—Emily Harden, Facebook

17. Or that you listen to country music 24/7.

Broken Bow


18. Or, hilariously, that you live on a farm without access to modern conveniences like air conditioning and the internet.

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19. When it comes to appearances, the assumption goes that you ALWAYS dress like this:


20. Or like this, even though you actually dress just like anyone else in any other part of the country:


21. And, finally, some people believe all Southerners actually date — and marry — their cousins, forever keeping it all in the family.

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—Meredith Jane, Facebook

But no matter what others say, you know the truth: Southerners are smart, warm-hearted, and so proud of where they're from.


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