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21 Tweets From This Month That Made Me Chortle At My Desk

<3 to laugh.

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While January seemed like literally the longest month ever, February is flying by. Now that we're halfway through the month, it's time to look back on the best tweets of the month so far. If you like what you see, click through and follow your favorites to make your Twitter timeline a happier, funnier place!


this has genuinely fucked me up i keep laughing


My 2 yo daughter watched the Super Bowl halftime show. She’s now a stripper and selling pictures of her feet online. She’s supporting the entire family and we’ve never been more proud.


big fan of apple’s new men are trash campaign


How to make friends as an adult: 1. Say "we should hang!" 2. Do not hang. 3. Say "we should hang!" 6 months later. 4. Cancel. 5. Reschedule. 6. Respect their cancelation. 7. Reschedule. 8. Actually hang. 9. Say "we should do this more often!" 10. Die.


I cannot BELIEVE I had the audacity to forget to take the chicken out the fridge when I was a kid



beyonce in 2003 when she was in love


Record label: stop playing with makeup and release the album NOW. Gaga and Rihanna:


Me and Isabella after exposing Paolo for lip syncing


Hey guys, was let go from my job today 😟. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. I’ve attached my resume. References upon request!


2020: Superbowl LIV 2021: Superbowl LAUGH 2022: Superbowl LOVE


I’m surprised british people call mac n cheese just mac n cheese and not like PiDDyWiCkLeS &amp; ChOnKerS


LMFAOOOOOOO Jimmy Fallon thought he was about to get CANCELED😭😭😭😭 I’m SCREAMING


Me, 28, gay: have you heard the new Pussycat Dolls it’s so good can’t wait to bop tonight My friend, 29, straight: here is a pic of my baby who was born this morning


Any time a child tries to guess my age.


I hate when I try to be late and I’m still early.



After ya third sneeze, that’s between you and GOD. I done did all I could do


1 out of every 3 blueberries is an absolute nightmare



I congratulated a friend on his new baby on IG &amp; his wife immediately sent me a message asking how I knew him. I was his Sunday school teacher 25 years ago. Calm down, Brittany.

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