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This Fish/Mermaid Optical Illusion Is Dividing The Internet (Because The Caption Is Lying To You)

I see a seal first. Then I see a donkey. I can even understand that some people might see a fish. But a mermaid? No. <3

It feels like it's been a minute since we last fought about a viral optical illusion, and while this one is no Dress™, it is sparking a conversation over on Twitter.

A woman who is squinting hard, trying to see something

The illusion looks like this, and if the caption is to be believed, right-brained people are likely to see a fish, while left-brained people are more likely to see a mermaid.

The issue is: a lot of people, including me, see neither a fish nor a mermaid. They see either a donkey or a seal.

Tell the truth. Does anyone actually see fish to a mermaid? Anyone?

Twitter: @ananavarro

Nick Offerman, for example, sees a donkey.

I see a donkey https://t.co/O8C3QdOxqN

Twitter: @Nick_Offerman

This person, on the other hand, is adamant about it being a seal. (I agree, FWIW.)

They’re called seals and it’s clear if you use your whole damn brain.

Twitter: @BillyWayneDavis

It turns out that the image is actually of an "ambiguous horse–seal figure" that's been used in scientific studies of visual perception — so if you saw a fish or a mermaid, joke's on you, my friend.

@JasonIsbell I see the seal/horse, or fittingly "source".

Twitter: @realcyberforce1

(And if you saw a horse, you're just wrong. It's a seal.)