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    19 Old People Whose Facebook Posts Are So Funny, They Should Charge Us To See Them

    "Great family photo. Dennis has a head shaped like Homer Simpson."

    1. This Tic Tac enthusiast:

    u/Rigbyisagoodboy / Via

    2. This grandma who really went in on Dennis:

    u/marip0sita / Via

    3. This dispiriting partygoer:

    u/ProbablyNotAYak / Via


    u/Enclave-Squad-Sigma / Via

    5. This hacking victim:

    u/shapedlikegrits / Via

    6. This very confused meme recipient:

    u/motherland23 / Via

    7. This person who's never seen Parks and Rec:

    NBC / u/sanguinalis / Via

    8. Yvonne:

    u/Super-8 / Via

    9. Sue:

    u/BugsBunnysCouch / Via

    10. This pig peddler:

    u/bjpickard82 / Via

    11. This text-to-speech newbie:

    u/dallydude825 / Via

    12. This grandpa and grandma:

    u/Kvikksam / Via

    13. And this "sexy grandma":

    u/tinaismediocre / Via You may love the taste of well seasoned food

    14. Elizabeth, who fell for the "fake plane challenge":

    u/yorokonde / Via

    15. This pet owner who's in desperate need of validation:

    u/Reden233 / Via

    16. Carol, aka Superwoman:

    Facebook: Autumn Prisk / Via

    17. This boomer who didn't get the joke:

    u/grxce22 / Via

    18. This mom who ratted herself out:

    u/whatsurangle / Via

    19. And finally, this person who posted possibly the most relatable Facebook status I've ever seen:

    u/deadsocial / Via