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    Updated on May 29, 2020. Posted on May 1, 2020

    19 Old People Whose Facebook Posts Are So Funny, They Should Charge Us To See Them

    "Great family photo. Dennis has a head shaped like Homer Simpson."

    1. This Tic Tac enthusiast:

    u/Rigbyisagoodboy / Via

    2. This grandma who really went in on Dennis:

    u/marip0sita / Via

    3. This dispiriting partygoer:

    u/ProbablyNotAYak / Via


    u/Enclave-Squad-Sigma / Via

    5. This hacking victim:

    u/shapedlikegrits / Via

    6. This very confused meme recipient:

    u/motherland23 / Via

    7. This person who's never seen Parks and Rec:

    NBC / u/sanguinalis / Via

    8. Yvonne:

    u/Super-8 / Via

    9. Sue:

    u/BugsBunnysCouch / Via

    10. This pig peddler:

    u/bjpickard82 / Via

    11. This text-to-speech newbie:

    u/dallydude825 / Via

    12. This grandpa and grandma:

    u/Kvikksam / Via

    13. And this "sexy grandma":

    u/tinaismediocre / Via You may love the taste of well seasoned food

    14. Elizabeth, who fell for the "fake plane challenge":

    u/yorokonde / Via

    15. This pet owner who's in desperate need of validation:

    u/Reden233 / Via

    16. Carol, aka Superwoman:

    Facebook: Autumn Prisk / Via

    17. This boomer who didn't get the joke:

    u/grxce22 / Via

    18. This mom who ratted herself out:

    u/whatsurangle / Via

    19. And finally, this person who posted possibly the most relatable Facebook status I've ever seen:

    u/deadsocial / Via