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    13 "I Don't Know Who This Man Is" Memes That Are Absolutely Hysterical

    "I hate to say it — I hope I don't sound ridiculous — I don't know who this man is. I mean, he could be walking down the street, I wouldn't...I wouldn't know a thing."

    Last week, while promoting the movie Hustlers, Keke Palmer took Vanity Fair's lie detector test, where she was asked if she thought True Jackson, VP was a better vice president than Dick Cheney. Her response was, in a word, iconic.

    The I-don't-know-her moment was hilarious in its own right, but it has since become a hysterical meme, with Keke herself getting in on the fun:

    Here are 13 other hilarious examples:


    When someone asks me about the guy I called “the love of my life” two weeks ago.


    Walmart showing me footage of me ringing up a flat screen as bananas


    “Didn’t you use to talk to—“ Me:


    :Travels internationally: "Isn't that your Preside-" Me:


    Babies when you cover your face during peek a boo



    When Sallie Mae call my phone asking for Tony


    all of the Avengers to Spider-Man after Sony took the rights back


    Dory when Nemo asked if she knew his father marlin, after she spent days swimming in the ocean with him


    When Sallie Mae call my phone asking for Tony


    Rip Van Winkle walking through town after being asleep for 20 years


    oscar voters talking about bradley cooper when it was time to vote for a star is born


    Annie James looking at a picture of Hallie Parker’s father, not putting two and two together even though they have the same birthday and the same face

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