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    26 Of The Most Epic Senior Pranks Of All Time

    "Where's the third pig?!"

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their kick-ass senior pranks. Here are their hilarious responses.

    1. "We had our principal arrested."

    2. "We reshaped the shrubs spelling 'BEARS' into 'PENIS.'"

    Now that’s a prank! RT @IAMSTONE22 @PrestonSteve933 @mor100 Our Boyertown Bears Senior prank!!! BEARS INTO PENiS!!!!


    3. "Seniors staged the barricade scene from Les Mis."

    4. "We covered the hallway in cups of water so no one could walk."

    best senior prank... every cup is full of water 💦


    5. "We set hidden alarm clocks to go off in two-minute intervals."

    6. "The senior class posted fake penis inspection flyers around the school."

    7. "We let pigs loose in the school."

    8. "The seniors put a VW Bug on the gym roof."

    9. "The seniors rented a petting zoo."

    10. "We led six cows up to the top floor."

    11. "The seniors filled the pool with Jell-O."

    12. "We drove this car into the school and parked it in the lobby."

    13. "We brought a camel to our school for our last hump day."

    14. "We busted out of there."

    15. "Seniors hired a mariachi band to follow our principal around."

    Class of 2015 Senior prank is a success! #RHSmariachi2015

    "The seniors hired a mariachi band to follow the principal around for the entire school day. Everywhere he went, everything he said was set to a festive soundtrack."


    16. "The whole senior class brought their dogs to school."

    17. "Some guys set up a (root) beer pong table on the quad."

    18. "We turned the parking lot into a beach!"

    19. "We stacked steel-belted tires on the flag pole."

    20. "We cemented an old VW Bug around the flag pole."

    21. "We filled the teachers' lounge to the ceiling with balloons."

    22. "The seniors turned the hallway into a slip-n-slide."

    23. "We turned the school into a campground."

    "We camped out in front of the school in our tents, had a water pong table going, and Saran-wrapped and TP'd everything."


    24. "We brought the outside in."

    25. "A senior changed the locks on the school doors before any teachers got in for the day."

    26. "They built a jungle gym and put it in the middle of the lunchroom."

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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